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My Handbag Essentials!

First of all HAPPY Halloween Weekend! Secondly 'Thank You' to all my lovely readers that have spend time reading my blog. A 'BIG Thank You' to my readers who have send me a message to say how much they're enjoying reading it and can't wait for the next post! soo cute..MUCH LOVE <3

So my post today is all about 'My Handbag Essentials!' My bag is normally so heavy that everyone who picks it up says 'Anna what on earth have you got in there?' but its just everything a girl needs in her life when out and about. I'm sure alot of you girls are pretty much the same as me if not worse. 

Purse - of course in every girls handbag there has to be a purse. My Vivenne Westwood purse in my opinion is just LUSH. Its a classic leather black purse with the gold badge and blue instead. I got it for Christmas last year from my mam and I still LOVE IT so I definitely wont be changing it anytime soon. It just has so much room for money, receipt and of course all of my cards. I literally have so many cards bank, driving licence, gym, Matalan, Debehams, Superdrug, Nectar, Boots and of course the BEST of all NANDOS! Can you tell I love a good points card..but hey who doesn't? FREE MONEY/FOOD/PRODUCTS AHHHHHHHHHH!! Blog blog blog. If anyone is looking for a similar purse, my was £125 but most of them average from around £110 - £130 depends on the colour and pattern. You can get them from not only the Vivenne Westwood store itself but also at Selfridges, Harrods,House of Fraser and Fenwicks..x

Power Bar - Like most people these days I am always on my Iphone. I know sooo unsociable and annoying but I am in so many group iMessage if I dont reply within an 1 hour or so people start sending a missing persons ad out. Honestly i'm not kidding! So my power bar is a DEFINITE essential. I try and just make sure I charge it every night just alongside my normal phone so its ready for the next time. One use of the power bar normally get me to 100% charge again so all you phone freaks if you don't have one already its a great thing to have. If you are with EE network like myself you can get one for free so get down to your nearest EE store. 

Nail File - In the last month I had tried to take extra care of my nails. I used to be one of them girlies that always had acrylic nails on and I have eventually took them off. At the moment my nails are just not in the best condition and often when I'm out in about my nails snap so keeping a nail file close is ideal to get rid of any of them unwanted split edges. I bought some new 'Seventeen' nail varnish from Boots the other day and will be doing a post on them soon so keep an eye out. Hopefully have pretty colours to paint my nails with will keep me away from getting the acrylic back on. 

Tangle Teezer - If you are a regular reader you will have seen my 'Tangle Teezer Paddle Brush Review' and know how much I enjoy tangle teezers . I have really long hair so having my little Compact Styler Tangle Teezer handy in my bag is essential to control my locks. 

Glasses - I always try and remember to carry my glasses as I am short sighted and often get headache because I don't wear them as much as I should. I'm due my eyes test come January and I think I'm going to spend some time picking the perfect pair so I will wear them more often. Any excuse to add more accessorizes to my outfits eh? 

Vaseline  - At the minute I've just been using the standard Aloe Vera lip therapy to keep my lip moist as lately with the weather changing my lips have become awfully dry. Apart from Vaseline, I normally use Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. I just love love love the smell and the tingly feeling on my lips when I use it. I think you can get it in a Cherry favourite too so I need to get my hands on some of that soon. 

Pen -  I find when I'm out and about someone always says 'Do you have a pen handy?' and I NEVER DID..until me mam bought me the cutest crystalline lady ballpoint pen in white from Swarovski. At first I was scared to use it because it looked so pretty and sparkly but now it goes everywhere with me. I have the white one but you can get them in 7 different colours at £24. My mam got me it for a graduation present so at the top of my pen I have a graduation cute. You can get loads of different charms like heart, cross, bows etc. Check Out there website. Oh and it also comes in a little black pouch so it doesn't get all scratch when in your bag. RESULT!

Popband  - I am officially a popband-er so for the last few days I literally haven't had one out of my hair, bag or off my wrist. With having long hair sometimes when I'm out and about I just NEED to get my hair out of face so having one handy is a ESSENTIAL. 

Mac Lipstick - Every girl needs a lipstick in there handbag, any kind, any colour, any make. ITS JUST A MUST. I just think once you put a lipstick on you can look like a different person..FRESHED and ready to go. Of course I always try to get 'Blankety Lipstick' in my bag as its a nude colour and goes with almost every outfit. 

Makeup Bag - Some people might think OMG you carry your makeup bag vain! But I just put a few things in a smaller makeup bag so I can top up my makeup if needs be. I am very self conscience in terms of my skin. I used to have acne when I was younger and I hate my scars. I know a lot of my friends would say you can't see them and it looks fine but it's just something Iv always hated and hiding behind my makeup always gives me that extra bit of confidence. Don't get me wrong I am a lot better..I remember the days I wouldn't leave the house without makeup on but now and again for example the gym I could go without or very little on. So yeah I carry my face makeup with me a lot of the time, just too touch up if I feel my coverage has came off a little.

Hand Cream -  I have started carrying handcream around with me lately as my boyfriend ALWAYS says my hand are dry. HOW MEAN! just kidding I know they are and I know I should moisture so much more than I do. So Iv been using the Soap & Glory hand food and I love it. The smell is just YUM! I have the mini hand food 50ml bottle so it fits in my bag nicely. You can get it from Boots for £2.50. You can also get it in a 125ml tube for £5.50. If you are looking for stocking fillers this Christmas its definitely a MUST. 

Deodorant -  If you have read my first ever post 'Getting To Know Me' you will know I don't wear perfume so getting a nice deodorant smell is the top of my shopping list. I'm using Nivea Power Touch Spray at the minute it dries really fast and I just think its always safe to keep some in your bag? I mean there is nothing else than the smell of sweat right?

Do you have the same essential as me?

What handcream and lip balm do you use?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

A x


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