Friday, April 29

Obsessed, Impressed And Nonplussed Beauty Products

After reading this month Cosmopolitan, I was loving Ingebord Van Lotringen beauty page "Inge Has Issues'. In fact, it give me the inspiration to write this blog post about beauty products that I am obsessed, impressed and nonplussed with lately. To be honest I could of chose a number of products but I wilted it down to only 6 products so here goes....

I am beyond obsessed with Topshop Glow Highlighter and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. Topshop Glow Highlighter comes in a small screw top jar with the classic Topshop package (little stars) around the edge. Although the size of the produce seems quite small, one jar will last around a year. You only need the smallest amount when applying as it goes a long way. I've found applying it with my finger tip is much better than using a brush as it soaks into the skin much better than when using a brush. I not only apply it to my cheeky bones but underneath my eyebrows to make them stand out a little more. I LOVE IT! Everyone needs a little glow jar in their makeup bag to bright up their face and for only £9, it's a dreamy highlighter. 

I have worn MAC Foundation Studio Fix NW20 for as long as I can remember and I can't really fault the coverage it gives me in terms of covering my acne scars. However, using it everyday isn't great for my bank balance or my skin for an everyday makeup look. After searching and reading a few reviews on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation I had to try it for myself, especially prices at £9.99. I took my NW20 to the shop with me so I could try and get a similar shade, if not a little bit lighter. I ended up going for no.53 'Light Beige' and it's perfect for my skin tone. I have been using this product everyday since adding it to my makeup collection....I'm literally obsessed! It makes my skin look flawless and it doesn't feel as heavy as Studio Fix Foundation. The only thing I would say is, it sometimes comes off my nose a little bit but nothing a bit of powder doesn't sort out. If you're wanting to try this product yourself, I'm sure you will find a shade for you as it comes in 8 different ones. I have just been stocking up on this product as Superdrug has their 3 for 2 offer on. Three foundations for £19.98..BARGAIN! Click HERE to view. 

Lets talk about two products I am impressed with! Well I have been impressed with Jolen Creme Bleach for years now, but I thought I would let my blog readers know about this products because I've just recently purchased some more. I have had dark hairs on my under lip for a good 9 years now and I have always been scared to get it waxed, just incase it came in thicker and darker. With this in mind, I have always used the Jolen Creme Bleach every 2 weeks to get rid of any dark hairs and it literally works wonders. I leave it on for about 10- 15 minutes and my upper lip hairs go blonde and really soft. I honestly couldn't live without this product in my life! If you have the same problem as me and you're a little bit self conscience about your dark hairs, this is the product for you. You can get Jolen Creme Bleach from a number of stores, I recently bought some from Superdrug for £4.19, which I don't think is badly priced as it lasts me for about a year.  

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, one word AMAZING! This product has been out a while and alot of you might be thinking cleansing water, why would you pay for water? But I am a girl who wears makeup everyday and loves to apply alot of mascara but absolutely hate waking up with black panda eyes. This water is non-drying, non- irritating and doesn't cause any breakouts to my skin, it just leaves my skin feel cool and refreshing and of course makeup FREE! Do shop around for this product as beauty stores always have it on offer. I have just picked up a 400ml bottle from Superdrug for £3.39. I literally couldn't fault this product or the price. 

The beauty products I am nonplussed with are NIVEA shaving balm and La Girl Pro Prep. The NIVEA shaving balm has been everywhere lately and everyone has been loving it in terms of a makeup primer. Don't get me wrong, the NIVEA shaving balm feels great on the skin as it gives you a really refreshing feel but I have not found this product in terms of a primer...any good. Aswell as the Nivea shaving balm, the La Girl pro prep again didn't seem to keep my makeup on any longer than normal. I had high hopes for this La Girl product because I LOVE their concealer...HUMPH! Lets just say I'm not having a good experience with primers at the moment so if anyone has came across a good one lately, do let me know! 

What products are you obsessed, impressed and nonplussed with?
I would love to hear from you.
Lots of love
A x


Sunday, April 24

Sohe Jesmond: Asian Fusion

If you're following me on Instagram or regularly read my blog you'll know how often my boyfriend James and I go out for food or just how much I LOVE food in general. Seriously need to stop, this Summer body isn't going too well...HUMPH!

Last week we were invited along to Sohe Jesmond (Asian fusion restaurant) to try out their food and cocktails. You can only imagine how much we were looking forward to it, especially after getting right into the Asian food at Thaikhun a few weeks ago. We visited Sohe last Friday when the rain was coming from the heavens so I do apologise for my rubbish picture from outside.   

When walking into the restaurant you are taking in by the huge bar area and the restaurant design itself. It is very chic and stylish and the masonic bar is beyond beautiful. There is a great bar area with a few booths and snug areas to have a drink or two before your meal or even enjoy a few drinks and a catch up with someone special. As the restaurant wasn't too busy (think everyone will have been snug in their pjs watching the television, the rain was that bad) we decided to sit down straight away. I have to admit, we were seated in a great location overlooking the whole restaurant including the bar and kitchen.  

After much debating of the food menu and asking the waitress advice (Jasmine) James went for the Haskushu and Miso Black Cod. Apparently, it is their signature dish so he couldn't resist. James opted for the starter but you can also get this dish as a main course and lets just say James didn't even offer me any, it was that good. This starter is one of the most expensive starter on the menu at £13.50 but don't be put off by the price because James said it's well worth it! 

I opted for the Crispy Duck Pancakes which was served with the standard leeks, cucumber, baby gem and hoi sin sauce. The was duck was seasoned with Chinese 5 spices and dammmmmmmm it was good. There was so much on the plate I had to ask James to help me finish it, as I didn't want to spoil my main course. The Crisp Duck Pancakes would be an excellent sharing starter, especially as it only priced at £7.50.

For mains we both went for a Thai curry. James opted for the Kaeng Kari which entailed of Japanese Panko breaded pork, king prawns, broccoli and green beans and I went for the Phanaeng. Phaneang curry entailed of slow braised lamb shank with sweet potato, red peppers, spinach leaves and peanuts. Both dishes were served with Thai fragrant rice but you could upgrade to egg fried rice or coconut rice for an extra £1. Although James enjoyed his curry he was totally jealous of mine, it was literally mouthwasting. The lamb shank was cooked to perfection, the meat fall off the bone and the curry sauce was extremely DELICIOUS! 

If you like Asian food and looking for somewhere for date night or a special occasion, you will ADORE this place. The food is delicious, the cocktails are adventurous and the service is outstanding. Oh, and the atmosphere is very laid back with their funky choice of music. Jasmine who was our waitress for the evening was extreme friendly, polite aswell as very knowledgeable about the food menu. A knowledgeable staff member is always great when you're unsure what to go for when visit a restaurant for the first time. 

Overall, we had a lovely evening at Sohe Jesmond and we can't wait to visit again soon. I will be mostly definitely be bringing the girls for cocktails sometime soon to enjoy some more of their refreshing cocktails after trying to 'Happy Panda' and 'Cambodian Cooler'. 

To check out their food menu click HERE and for their drinks and cocktail menu click HERE

Hope you have enjoyed reading another foodie blog post of mine and let me know if you decided to venture out to Sohe Jesmond, I would love to hear from you.

lots of love

A x 


Sunday, April 10

Hello Spring: Nude Wishlist

Well it's Sunday and the Easter holidays are officially over (humph). I have had the best time with my friends, family and boyfriend though <3!! I've spent most of the time sleeping and eating out but back to healthy eating and gym tomorrow for sure. Big shout out to all you teachers out there, only two more terms to go and the glorious 6 weeks will be here...wooooohooo!

For today's post I've put together a Spring wishlist based on nude as I'm am always wearing black even in the sunshine and it's really not healthy. I have picked items from two of my favourite places to shop ASOS and ZARA. 

If you're anything like me, you will be obsessed with both ZARA and ASOS. ASOS have only recently updated their iphone app and it's makes me want to buy everything! No idea why but I really enjoy so well done ASOS. And what can I say ZARA is just DREAMY in every way! 

I have linked all the items in this post, all you need to do is click on the shop after each item. 

Shoes - ZARA - £29.99 - I have had a number of high heels from Zara and they've always been really comfortable and well prices. I'm loving the cross over detail on these sandals and the heel isn't too high so I could definitely wear these for day drinks or shopping days aswell as nights out. 

Barry M Nail Varnish Almond - ASOS - £2.99 - Barry M has got to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to nail varnish and they're always bringing out new colours. This 'Almond' colour is most definitely needed in my nail varnish collection for SS16. 

Mac - ASOS - £60.00 - I ADORE this classic nude mac <3. I keep seeing EmTalks in hers and I always think she looks so cute and classy. MUST MUST MUST purchase!

Shirt - ZARA - £25.99 - I always get the best shirts from ZARA, I had one very similar like this last year but not as long and loved it. I'm loving the long/ boyish shirts at the minute so this will be definitely in my shopping basket soon!

Jeans - ZARA - £17.99 - I know these aren't nude but I had to add them to this wishlist. I adore Topshop jeans but they don't have this light denim colour in their Joni style. These Zara jeans are a great price so fingers crossed they fit similar to the Topshop ones because they will be ideal SS16 jean. 

Cross - Body Bag - ZARA - £29.99 - This bag is a similar style to the Chloe Drew bag which are around £1,140. A girl can only dream of having that bag is every different colour, but I think this cute ZARA one will 100% make up for it. I don't have a cross- body bag and I think this will be perfect for little Spring/Summer outings. 

Sunglasses - ASOS - £35.00 -  These 'Quay Australia' sunglasses are one of many pairs of sunglasses I would like from their amazing collection. Everyone on Instagram seem to be obsessed with them as much as me.  

What have you added to your spring wardrobe lately? You came across any bargains?

Lots of love

A x


Thursday, April 7

HMLovesCoachella: LookBook

Coachella festival may be sold out and I may not be going (humph) but I have to talk to you about the HMs Official Collection #HMLovesCoachella. Please tell me you have all seen it? It's amazing and so well priced! 

Hailey Baldwin is the face of this years collection and what a babe she is! #dreamy

The collection entails of everything you could ever want to wear at a festival; tassels, flip flops, jumpsuits, ripped jeans, ankle boots, crochet dresses, crop tops, maxi dress and a number of accessories to finish your outfit off. You name it they've got it! Check it out for yourself...

If you are last minute shopping for Coachella or thinking about what you're going to be wear for festival/ holidays this Summer, I've put together a few outfits you might want to pick up. 

Outfit 1 - Dress, Wedges, Sunglasses, Bag

Outfit 2 - HairbandDressArm RingShoes

Outfit 3 - Waist CoatShoesJumpsuitSunglasses

Outfit 4 - BraceletsCrocheted TopTrousersShoes

Outfit 5 - This is an outfit I have created at home as I was lucky enough to get my hands on the crochet dress from the collection. I have termed it up with Primark flip flops and sunglasses aswell as a black wool hat which is actually from HM to. Click HERE to view.  

A number of these items are SOLD OUT online but I have been in two different HM stores over the past week and stores have still got alot of stock in so do shop around if you see anything you LOVE!

Creating this post has really got me excited for Summer and a new wardrobe. What's your favourite look? Have you manage to get your hands on any of the collection? 

Lots of love

A x


Saturday, April 2

LVL Enhance Treatment at Enbeaute: Review

Do you have eyelashes that are long but won’t curly? Or lashes that lack length and volume?  If so, keep reading you are going to LOVE this post!

My last beauty post explained how I am now part of the Nouveau Lashes #lashgang, as part of this amazing gang I was lucky enough to have their LVL Enhance treatment done this week. 

Many of you may be thinking what’s LVL? Well, LVL is a treatment that adds Length, Volume and Lifts your natural lashes without adding extensions, falsies or mascara. The treatment takes 45 minutes and the lasts up to 6 – 8 weeks. Sounds amazing right but HOW DOES IT WORK?

48 hours before having the treatment done I had to go for a patch test to make sure that all of the products used throughout   the treatment wouldn't cause any reaction to my skin/eyes. 

The treatment began by the therapist cleaning my lashes making sure I had no makeup/mascara still left on them.

Gel pads were then applied over my bottom lashes to make sure they were protected from the products (don’t want your bottom lashes to curly up).

My top lashes were then gently pulled back onto a shield. These shields come in three options: dramatic (small), average (medium) and least dramatic (large). I went for the medium shield as I have quite long lashes already so didn't want anything too dramatic. After gently pulled my lashes up onto the shield, lifting balm was added and left for around 12 minutes.

After removing the lifting balm, volumising fix was then put on the lashes for 6 minutes and then tint was applied to darken my lashes.

Lastly my lashes are moisture with conditioning serum in order to help the lashes come off the shield and TAAAAAARRRDAAAAAAAAAAAA! There you have it..LVL Lashes! No glue, no hassle, and no extensions just my own natural lashes looking BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.

Alex at Enbeaute did advise me to wait 24- 48 hours before applying any water to my lashes to get the best results. Additionally to apply conditioning serum before bed and before applying mascara to keep them looking shiny and healthy. Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum can be brought for £14.99 from Nouveau Lashes website. Click HERE to view. 

Since having the LVL Enhance treatment I have been able to go out with no mascara on at all. I really can't get over the results, LVL is officially life changing. I have applied a little mascara to my lashes to also see the results and let’s just say I'm even more obsessed..if that's even possible.

Enbeaute charges £45.00 for this treatment but I know this treatment ranges from £45.00 - £95.00 depends where you go. I honestly couldn't recommend this treatment enough, it lasts between 6 - 8 weeks depending on your lash cycle and the treatment is so straight forward. It's definitely going to be saving me time during my daily makeup routine aswell as my daily mascara usage.

 Happy Anniversary Nouveau Lashes! 
LVL Enhance has been taking the beauty industry by storm for 10 years now and I 100% understand why since having the treatment! 

To celebrate 10 years of LVL since its debut, Nouveau Lashes are running a number of offers and competitions over the next 10 months to celebrate the anniversary of the number 1 original lash lift treatment.

Add them on social media channels to keep an eye out! Instagram and Twitter.  

What do you think of my LVL enhance treatment results?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x


Friday, April 1

Thaikhun Metrocentre: Launch Event


Hello my beautiful readers. I hope you're all well and had a lovely Easter weekend. I'm still on my Easter holiday and currently loving life spending time with my friends and boyfriend. Click HERE to follow me on Instagram to see what I've been up to. 

Today's post is all about Metrocentre's newest restaurant Thaikhun.  The Metrocentre have recently upped their game in terms of eateries as they have recently opened Barburrito, TGI Friday and Byron in the Yellow Mail. Five Guys is still yet to open on 4th April which I've got to admit, I'm looking forward to as it's the first one in the North East and I've heard AMAZING review on the place. 

I was invited along to Thaikhun VIP launch event at the Metrocentre Gateshead, to try out the food ahead of their official opening day (31st of March) with a plus one.  I have to admit I was rather excited when receiving the email as I love a good Thai Green curry. Thaikhun is already located in 6 different cities (Manchester, Aberdeen, Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and Nottingham) however, I can't say I had ever heard of the restaurant before so this added to the excitement of their invite. 


Thaikhun aims to transport diners to the streets of Thailand with their unique layout and authentic decor. We were seated in the back alley surrounded by clothes hanging on a washing line, distressed Thai posters and air conditioning units. Honestly sounds strange but it looks amazing and gives off a great atmosphere!

Thaikhun offers a range of starters, we sampled the 'Sukummt 38 Platter' which entailed of chicken spring rolls, fish cakes, salt and pepper squid and honey pork. Everything was full of flavour and we didn't leave a thing. I even enjoyed the squid which, is a surprising as I'm not a fishy lover at all. The salt and pepper seasoning however was beyond YUM!

Whilst waiting for our main course we were given some of their prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip to try. The prawn crackers did have a slight kick to them but nothing too hot! Honestly, I'm a wimp when it comes to hot food and I could handle them. They're definitely worth a try for something to snack on or to eat alongside your main meal. 


Thaikhun food menu offers a delectable array of over 50 dishes which include classics such as; Thai curries, stir fries, soups and salads, rice and noodles along with a grilled section. To keep in with their street food concept, Thaikhun offer that takeout service which also entails of over 30 dishes, enabling you to enjoy their food in a location of your choice. 

We were giving 4 dishes to try alongside some Jasmine Rice. I was drawn to Thai Green Chicken Curry straight away as it is a favourite dish of mine! It did not disappoint, it was DELICIOUS and I would highly recommend ordering if you like a good old Thai green curry. 

We were also given a Chicken Salad but we weren't very keen, to be honest we aren't salad lovers so that might have had alot to do with it. If you are however, the salad did have a slight kick to it so if you like hot food this could be for you. 

James's favourite dish was the Pad Thai Gai with King Prawns, as I mentioned before I'm not a fishy lover so I give this one a miss but he LOVED IT. You got around 5/6 large prawns and he couldn't get them in his mouth fast enough. The prawns came with noodles in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce which I did try and they were so tasty.

My favourite dish out of the 4 has got to be the Moo Prik Ging which was the Belly Pork in a Red Curry Sauce with Al Dente Green Beans. I can't stress enough how nice this dish was. I would have never thought about ordering this dish but I would highly recommend, it was well cooked and the sauce was YUM! 

Overall, our experience at Thaikhun was outstanding. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the serve was so friendly and welcoming. The North East have eventually upped their game and created somewhere unique to dine. YEYYYY!! After exploring their menu, I am dying to return and try the Thai Red Duck Curry aswell as their cool cocktail menu. 

To check out their full menu click HERE and if you do happen to pop in and have a try for yourself do let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love

A x 

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