Sunday, January 31

Hd Brows: Enbeaute: Review

NEW YEAR..NEW BROWS! I have wanted to grow my eyebrows out for so long as once upon at time I went plucking mad and my eyebrows were really thin and so far away from my nose/eyes. Yes..I know disgusting!  
Anyways, I decided to pluck up the courage (see what I did there, haha) and GROW them. 

Honestly, growing my brows for 3 and a half weeks...KILLED ME! They got so bad even my dad said to me one day 'Anna your eyebrows are looking oooshhh' I mean I have no idea what he meant by 'oooosshh' but I'm guessing it wasn't good by the look on his face! haha! Before getting them done, I was sending Alex (owner of enbeaute) a weekly update of my brows and she was giving me advice about how much longer to grow them for. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I have hated every minute of doing this but my god it had to be done. Good job I wear glasses so I had something to hide behind.

I couldn't be happier with my new brows, Alex was very professional and give me alot of reassurance and advise about my brows. You can tell she real took her HD brow training seriously and she knows exactly what she is talking about. HD Brow treatment entails of tinting, waxing and threading. I had never had threading treatment before so I was a bit nervous but Alex put me at ease and I honestly couldn't recommended her enough. 

I used to have small rounded brows and although I still need growth in the middle and under the arch of my brows, they are well on the way to PERFEEEEEEECTION! Alex explained that I can go back when I feel I need her to do them again, depends on how much my eyebrows grow because shes knows everyone is different in terms of hair growth. 

Alex is currently doing treatments at her house in Durham but hopefully opening her own salon soon. Follow her on Instagram,  Facebook or go over to her website to see her amazing work/prices etc. If your visiting Newcastle for the weekend or live close to Durham girls get BOOKED in, you won't be disappointed. I payed £20 for my HD brows as Enbeaute had a 20% off offer on during January so normally £25..SO WORTH IT! 

Next time I visit, I think I might have to get my lashes done too, after seeing these before and after snaps. Alex puts LVL enhancing treatment on to your natural lashes to add length and volume by using no extensions or mascara. How amazing does the results look! I would love to wake up on a morning and not have to put mascara on for work. Wouldn't you?

Update After Second Treatment 

I have now had my second treatment after 5 weeks. Check out how much they have grown in the middle and the arch on both brows! I absolutely love them and I now use the tiniest bit of makeup to fill them in.   

Do you have HD Brows?

What do you think of my new HD Brows?

Let me know by commenting below, I would love to hear from you.

Much love

A x 


Fitness:Healthy:Love Yourself Tips

Heyyyyyy! I hope you're all having a lush weekend. I don't know about you but I just can't cope with this cold weather. Is it Summer yet? I keep browsing fashion websites and I can't help but LOVE all the spring/summer items coming out! 

Talking about summer you know what they say 'Summer bodies are made in Winter'. With this in mind, I thought I would tell you a few things that have helped me get motivated and certain things I have been doing since the start of January to keep fit and healthy. I know, i'm not an expert but these are things that have worked for me so might work for you too.

1. New gym gear - Having new gym gear definitely gives my that motivation to go! I love wearing 'Nike' I know it can be a little pricey at times but it's always so comfortable and great quality. If you have a Nike outlet anywhere near you, get yourself there. I bought some Nike Free Runs for around £36 and they're still in other shops for £90. I know BARGAIN right!!

I also got a few new pieces for Christmas which were from Sainsburys and they're lovely so do shop around. I know, how annoying it can be spending money on gym gear you're just going to sweat in but at least you going to look a little good/stylish. 


2.  Gym buddy - I find it much easier to go to the gym when I have a friend. If my friends go without me, it always makes me feel bad. We have a little group message actually named 'Gym Huns' and someone is always wanting to go. If you don't have friends going to the same gym as you, make friends. I find everyone at the gym so friendly and helpful, especially if you don't know what your doing or need help to set up. The more often you go, you will begin to recognise the same faces and more than likely, if you stop attending people will start saying "where were you last week?" GUILTY! Honestly, just bite the budget and get yourself there. 

3. Plan Your Week - I am lucky to go to a gym that has an app, so I can plan my week by logging into my account and booking into certain classes. I enjoy going to classes much more than going into the gym itself and running on the treadmill etc. I am so into boxercise at the minute but I also go to circuits, bodypump, yoga and I went to my first spinning class last week. All I can say was an experience and my bum was SOOOOO SORE! Nevertheless, I felt so good after it and I've booked in for this week too. So if you're looking to join a gym very soon, maybe ask if they have an app as they're so easy to use and keep you organised for the week ahead. 

4. Pick Your Music - I don't know about you but if I go into the actual gym I have to listen to music, especially running on the treadmill. Picking the correct tunes always works for me. I have listed 10 of my favourite work out tunes, that may help you run that little bit faster or make that time in the gym go a little fast. Let's be honest, we all want the time to go as fast as possible. 

5. Healthy Eating - If you follow me on Instagram 'annalouiseloves' you will know I have bought Joe Wicks leanin15 book as I have been posting meals I have been making for the past few weeks. Before buying his book I had been following 'thebodycoach' on Instagram and loved the look of all his meals and how easy and straight forward his recipes were. 

I don't know about you but I just don't enjoy diets which entail of counting syns or calories. I think it's so time consuming and getting on them scales is a massive fear of mine. I don't find making a meal from this book a diet as such it's more like a lifestyle change and been aware of which foods are good for you. My favourite meal so far has got to be the 'Big Juicy Meatballs'. Delicious! This week I have definitely got my eye on the Thai green curry and I will keep you updated on what it's like through Instagram 'annalouiseloves' . The book is only around £7.50 on amazon at the moment guys, so do go buy it. Honestly, the recipes are so easy to follow and there is a wide variety..oh and they don't take long at all. Since buying this book, I have so many friends and family members getting involved too as they can't get over how nice they look. I have never felt bloated or hungry after each meal and I actually look forward to my meal every night instead of just eating chicken and vegetables (a diet a started in the Summer). I have took some before pictures of my body so I can track my progress whilst starting eating leanin15 meals, if I feel confident enough I may share them with you in the near future.

5. Love Yourself - I seen this on one of my friend's Instagram and I literally couldn't agree more with it. Everyone is different and I'm more than positive you will not come across someone with the same legs, arms, belly etc as you so STOP comparing yourself to others. Love yourself, love your body and no-one else's. MWAH!

6. Just do it - I know, it's easier said than done but I always feel great after going to the gym especially after work because it's time to have a little wine down and forget about all them work worries. Just try and remember that Summer will be coming along before you know it and we all want to look fabulous right?

What has helped you getting back into exercise?

What's your favourite gym class or Leanin15 meal?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x


Sunday, January 24

Skullen Nail Design

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all good. I HAD to show you my amazing nails I got done last Friday by Nicole 'Skullennaildesign' she is so talented and I just LOVEEEEE them SO MUCH!

Friends Nails By Nicole 

My friend has been getting her nails done off a lady called Nicole for a while now and I was literally fascinated by her work. 

If you have read my Colour Carnival By Seventeen blog post back in November you will know my nails were in such bad condition off acrylics. Don't get me wrong, when I had them all done they look amazing (first pic) but when I got them off my nails were so sore and weak (see second pic). I let my nails breathe for around 3 months before starting to think about going to see any sort of nail professional. Leaving them for 3 months was such a achievement because I have had my nails professionally done for as long as I can remember, without any breaks. 

Friends Nails By Nicole

Instead of getting acrylics back on I thought I would get gel, just so my nails can grow underneath. As you can imagine after seeing my friends amazing nails I didn't just want one gel colour, I wanted a funky design. I was searching high and low for the perfect design for me,and what better way to do that then search nail art into Instagram. I came across so many amazing ideas and inspos it was so hard to choose. I eventually decided to go for a gold arrows down the middle of the nail with black/white marble effect. I showed Nicole a picture of the inspo and of course she did it AMAZINGLY. 

Rings from Lvndr 'Boho Set' 

How fabulous do they look? I literally don't know how she does it? She literally made it look so easy. If you would like to see more of Nicole's AMAZING nail designs follow her on Instagram 'Skullennaildesign'She is based in Newcastle and is ALWAYS busy as you can imagine. She mentioned not been able to take many more clients on at the minute as she doesn't have time to fit everyone in as she works by herself. I'm sure if you live in Newcastle or near and are wanting them done, message her on Instagram or Facebook and she will be able to let you know her availability. 

I'm getting my nails done this Friday so if you have any funky ideas, do let me know? Maybe tag me in them on Instagram 'annalouiseloves' or comment below! I will keep you update with my next nail design over on my Instagram page so do come and follow me! 

Lots of Love

A x


Thursday, January 21

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Hello beautiful people! I hope you're having a wonderful week, only 2 more sleeps till the weekend! Woohoo!

If you follow me on Instagram 'aslater_90' you will have seen some of the shoes/boots I got for Christmas and I've got to admit I love them all but I do have my favourite. 

As we all know the weather outside is grim! It's cold, dark and infact it even snowed last week in the North East, but what better way to keep my feet warm then to wear thick socks and AMAZINNNG boots! I literally haven't had these Zara suede boots off my feet and so many people have been asking me where they're from and how much they were so I thought my blog readers might be interested too. 

These Zara Chelsea boots are so comfortable and are so easy to get on and off with the elastic stretch look on both sides of the boot. What I love most about them is not just the colour but the square toes. I have never worn boots with square toes before but these definitely won't be the last!

Not only are these boots so dreamy to look at, the price is also DREAMY at £29.99. I know, Zara can be expensive at times but they always have some cheeky bargains every now and again. Zara unfortunately don't have these boots on their website anymore, but I have seen them in stores in both burgundy and black so do have a shop around if you're wanting to get a pair for yourself. 

As I am so into this square toe look at the minute, I have to show you these FABULOUS Topshop boots called Muse Bone.  These boots are a little more on the pricey side at £85 but they're real leather and so on trend with the miss match black boot and silver heel look. I have to admit I have seen a few pairs that look a little cheap and naughty compared to this pair but sometimes you only get what you pay for. I absolutely love this topshop pair and I think the zip detail on the back gives the boots that extra bit of character. 

I do have a gold and black pointed missguided pair that I also got for Christmas but these are totally different right? Girls can never have too many pairs of shoes/boots! 

Maybe my boyfriend will get me them for valentines day if I'm extra nice for the next few weeks? (Wishful thinking) Fingers crossed for me girls! 

Are you loving the squared toe look?

What about the mixed match boot and heel look?

Let me know by commenting below

Lots of love 

A x 


Monday, January 11

Little Black Dress: Commoda Clothing Boutique

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a lush weekend and today hasn't been too bad. I felt as though the weekend went so fast, nevertheless, I managed to spend time with my boyfriend and girlies and as always had the best time.If you follow me on Instagram 'annalouiseloves' you will have seen this beautiful black bodycon lace dress I wore on Saturday to celebrate one of my best friends 26th birthday! This dress is from Commoda Clothing, if you read my blog often you will know I placed my first ever order with them in October, click HERE to read all about it. As this post is my most viewed blog post I thought my readers would be interested in reading about another purchase Iv made from the same boutique.  

Commoda Clothing kindly gave me a 25% off code to use on my next purchased after making my first order with them in October. As you can imagine, I couldn't wait to use it. Commoda Clothing are always adding new lines to their boutique and I always find myself browsing through their Instagram 'commodaclothing' to keep myself updated. After seeing this dress which is called 'Salome Dress' by the way, I just HAD to have it! I just adore the choker/halter neck detail aswell as the lace on the arm and the back of the dress. 

When the dress arrived it was just like the 'Mita Dress' in terms of the material, really thick bodycon fabric. The dress was £58 (without discount) which I know some people may find expensive but the quality of the dress is amazing, I promise it is definitely worth the money. When putting the dress on, the thickest of the fabric really helped hide all them lumps and bumps and show off my curves which no girl could ever compliant about. The lace detail is a really nice flowery pattern and goes across both arms and across the back of the dress. The dress is really comfortable to wear and doesn't creep up when walking like alot of bodycon do. I am such a sucker for black midi dresses as I'm very self conscience about the tops of my legs, so let's just say this dress was perfect for me. Overall, as you can probably guess I love this dress and I don't think a little black dress can ever go wrong for them girly nights out. 

I termed my 'Salome' dress up with my New look strappy sandals which are now down to £15 from £37.99 in the SALE and my gold/black French Connection clutch bag. I have had this clutch bag for a while but I love it and its still in really good condition.  

As I am such a fan of Binky's InTheStyle collection I had to show you the jumpsuit the beautiful birthday girl wore. This teal jumpsuit is £39.99 and although she found the jumpsuit very boobie she LOVED it. Nothing a bit of tit tape can't sort out eh girlies? Binky has some lovely items in her collection which can be wore both dressy and casual so do have a look, I'm sure you will fine something you can't resist. Click HERE to view. 

Have you visited Commoda Clothing Boutique before?

What have you been adding to your wardrobe lately?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x


Sunday, January 10

Rimmel Ombré Lips

Everyday I wear lipstick and I am currently OBSESSED with applying lip liner all of a sudden. If you have read my Blankey Review you will know I am a lover of 'Soar' Mac lipliner however over the Christmas period I wanted to try something more browny. Not having much money to spend on myself over Christmas, I thought why not try some drugstore brands. I have heard so much about Rimmel 1000 Stay Cappuccino whilst watching YouTube beauty bloggers apply their makeup so I thought why not try it for myself.

When browsing a number of high street drugstores to find this lip liner, it seemed to be sold out everywhere. This give me even more determination to find it. Whilst in my local shopping centre, I remembered Wilkinson's sell high street beauty brands. Like Boots and Superdrugs stores, Wilkinson's also have from time to time, 3 for 2 on selected products. As you probably have guessed I got 3 items...who can say NO to that especially when Rimmel products are so cheap.

I decided to get myself and my mam (Christmas present) the Cappuccino lip liner £2.99 and I also went for one of the oh my gloss lip gloss in Cosmic £3.99. I literally haven't used a lip gloss since secondary school so 90's. Like I just mentioned above I have been watching many beauty YouTube videos where makeup artists have been applying this lipliner but also seen many getting on the lipgloss vib lately and Iv thought 'why not give it ago myself'.  

This lipliner is said to be a long wearing lip pencil which stays on your lips comfortably for up to 8 hours. I have to admit if I was to go to work in the morning it would stay on till around dinner time (4 hours) but I would have to then do a little touch up. I have found that when applying the liner to my lips it's very moistursing. Nothing worse than applying a lip liner and it hurting your lips right? The liner is brown/ nude shade (see swatch) I know brown may not be everyone cup of tea but with my brown long locks and my skin tone (NW20) I think it looks perfect especially with a nude lipstick/lipgloss. 

The Oh My Gloss lip gloss in Cosmic is a very nudey/pinky shade (see swatch). When applying the lipgloss to the lips a lot of gloss comes onto the stick so only one dip is needed to cover the whole lip. This lipgloss isn't sticky at all, it's very smooth on your lips and will stay on around 1/2 hours. This is one of the main reasons I love this lipgloss, there is nothing worse than a sticky lipgloss that gets EVERYWHERE. 

I have been wearing the Cappuccino lip liner and Cosmic lipgloss together to make that ombré look. I have been applying the liner to the outside of my lips and also filling them in making sure I leave a little bit of a gap in the middle to apply the lipgloss. I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE this look and I think the colours work really well together. A number of my friends have commented on my lips lately and they have been really shocked when explaining it's just by using these Rimmel products.  

Have you tried any other Rimmel products? 

Do you enjoy that ombré lip look? 

I would love to hear from you by commenting below.

Lots of love

A X   

Sunday, January 3

New Years Eve / Prima Quayside: Review

Happy New Year Lovelies!! I hope you had the best time celebrating the arrival of 2016 with your loved ones. I think I say this every year BUT....this year has gone so fast! And I don't know about you but all I seem to be talking about is where to go in the Summer. Have you got any plans yet?

I spent my New Years Eve in Newcastle with my boyfriend, one of my best friends and her boyfriend. We went for a meal at Prima down the quayside and watch the fireworks at midnight. I have always wanted to watch the fireworks down the quayside at NY, as I had heard so many good things about them. I have to admit, I was not let down at all. The fireworks went off between the Tyne Bridge and The Millennium Bridge ,the atmosphere was great and they were crowds of people sharing the moment with us. The fireworks were excellent and you didn't need a pass or wristband, it was absolutely free. WINNER! The fireworks were on for about 5 minutes and I would honestly highly recommend going to see them next year if you're looking for something different to do.

We decided to go for a meal very last minute and I thought I would never get a table for around 10 o'clock ringing the day before, but luckily enough I managed to get one at Prima. Prima is a Italian restaurant on the quayside, I have been a number of times but not for a while so I was looking forward to it. Although our seats weren't the best in the restaurant the food and drinks definitely make up for it. Everyone commented on how cheap and the wide variety of options Prima had to offer. Click HERE to view their menu. As you can see from the pictures above everyone went for something a little different. I went for the 'Pollo Farcito' which entailed of chicken stuffed with bufala mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham with roasted peppers and spinach in a cream sauce. It was DIVINE. The only downfall was it didn't come with any potatoes or chips on the side and I wasn't asked by a member of staff if I would like any. Nevertheless, we were very pleased with our service especially on NYE, food and drinks were served quickly considering it was a very busy restaurant. We can't thank Prima enough for making our meal and NYE enjoyable. I can't wait to pay this restaurant again soon. 

If you are wanting to try this restaurant out for yourself, just a little tip when you ring up and book a table. Ask to be seated in the back room. Prima restaurant is under the old high level bridge and the back room features alot of the original decor and the most notably one been the stone arch. It really does make your meal experience that extra bit special. 

Overall, I had a lovely NYE and enjoyed doing something a little bit different to just going to a local bar or a house party. 

Do you do anything exciting for NYE?

Have you got any plans for the Summer already?

Let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear from you

Lots of love

A x

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