Wednesday, October 14

Mac Blankety Lipstick Review

Another six empties, another free Mac lipstick. I have to say I do LOVE Mac for the fine fact that if you have any six empty produces you get a FREE lipstick worth £15.50. This happens quite often aswell for me as I use pretty much EVERYTHING Mac. 

When exploring the fabulous Mac lipstick counter I normally just pick the first colour that catches my eye. This time however I decided to have a good look and go for a more nude colour. I have alot of bright colours like Diva, Rebel, Girl About Town etc so I thought it was time for a change. With my hand pretty much covered in every nude lipstick possible I decided to go for the Amplified Lipstick in colour Blankety which is described as a Soft Pink Beige. 

My first impressions of this lipstick were that it gives full coverage in just one layer and is very moisturizing when on the lips. In terms of applying the lipstick throughout the day, I felt as though I apply this lipstick more often than usual. In terms of colour though I LOVED it! 

Now the weather is changing and my Autumn wardrobe is in full swing I feel this lipstick will be getting used more often as it really compliments the darker colours. 

Not only is this lipstick in my opinion an every day to day lipstick it also goes perfect with a smokey eye for them fabulous nights out. I got my makeup done at Mac in Fenwicks Newcastle and the lady who applied my makeup used Blankety teamed up with Soar lipliner and I just HAD to buy it. Its a little darker than Blankety so it really gives that outline and fuller lip everyone is currently obsessed with at the moment. Personally, I would much prefer a fuller lip by using a lipliner than getting lip filler as more and more people are doing now. I just think it looks a little OTT and unnatural. 

Whats your favourite Mac Lipstick?

Are you loving the big lip trend at the minute?

Let me know

Lots of Love

A x




  1. Loved this post, I'm also a huge fan of the blankety soar combo, and also just soar all over the lips on its own as a slightly darker day to day colour!! Perfect for work! <3

    1. Awww thank you very much for the comment! I know I'm obsessed with it, I've nearly ran out. I'm hoping to get spice lipliner for xmas. Finger Crossed xx


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