Friday, October 30

Popband London Craze: Review

This week I decided to get involved in the Popband London hair booble craze,I mean Jess from Made In Chelsea uses them soooo if they're good enough for her they're good enough as us right? I'm loving MIC this series anyone else?

The idea behind these 'Popbands' is that they hold your ponytails up tight, but still leave hair fresh and kink-free when you take it down! They are unlikely to damage hair like regular hair bobbles when taking them out and finally they can be worn on your wrist as a super-cute bracelet. I don't know if you girls are the same as me but if I put my hair around my ears for 2 minutes my hair would kink straight away. Oh and I am definitely one of them girls 
who always has a black hair bobble around my wrist. Yuk! 

With this in mind.. I just HAD to give these popband a try for myself. 

After about 20 minutes looking through all the amazing colours and patterns I went for the 'Animal' popbands. I can be a sucker for animal print sometimes and I thought the grey, bronze and black coloured bobbles would go with loads of outfits. I bought the 'Animal' popbands for £7.20 instead of £8 as they're currently offering 10% off your first order.

The Important Review

I ordered the popbands hair bobbles on Tuesday and I have received them today which is Thursday. In my opinion the delivery service is excellent as it only took 2 days to arrive and it was free delivery...BONUS! The packaging well lets just say I just LOVED IT!! I walked through the door today after a long day at work and all I could see on the bench was this BRIGHT PINK envelope. I mean what girl isn't going to get excited about opening a bright pink parcel. So I quick teared the envelope and look what was inside....

Bracelet Look

After opening the envelope I just couldn't wait to use them so I decided to try one out whilst going out for my dads birthday tonight. I know so keen..whoops! I decided to go for the leopard print one as I was wearing black and camel and I thought it would go perfect with my outfit in my hair or around my wrist. I'v gotta admit it did look so much better than a boring black one that is usually around my wrist. What do you think? 

Kink - free
In terms of kink-free hair, I can honestly say it did still leave a little one but it wasn't extreme! Normally I can feel the kink if I slide my hand down the back of my hair but I couldn't, it was ever so slight. Check my before and after picture and see what you think for yourself. oh and I need a hair cut so try not to look too much at the condition please. 

One thing that was very positive about popbands is that when taking the bobble out my hair, no hair got tangled up around the bobble. Nothing worse than pulling half of your hair out whilst taking your bobble out is there? Normally it hurts too. Wahhhhh!

Overall, I will be definitely getting myself some more of these 'Popbands' in other colours. I  really fancy getting more for going to the gym so I might go for more of a neon/bright kind of colour. I know my friend was dying for me to review these aswell as shes wanting to buy some for her holiday to Egypt next month. The lucky gurrrrl.

If you were wanting to get your hands on some aswell use the code 'THANKYOU10' for 10% off your order. 

What your favourite colour or pattern? 

What do you think of the before and after pictures?

Let me know below..I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love 

A x


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