Friday, October 30

Popband London Craze: Review

This week I decided to get involved in the Popband London hair booble craze,I mean Jess from Made In Chelsea uses them soooo if they're good enough for her they're good enough as us right? I'm loving MIC this series anyone else?

The idea behind these 'Popbands' is that they hold your ponytails up tight, but still leave hair fresh and kink-free when you take it down! They are unlikely to damage hair like regular hair bobbles when taking them out and finally they can be worn on your wrist as a super-cute bracelet. I don't know if you girls are the same as me but if I put my hair around my ears for 2 minutes my hair would kink straight away. Oh and I am definitely one of them girls 
who always has a black hair bobble around my wrist. Yuk! 

With this in mind.. I just HAD to give these popband a try for myself. 

After about 20 minutes looking through all the amazing colours and patterns I went for the 'Animal' popbands. I can be a sucker for animal print sometimes and I thought the grey, bronze and black coloured bobbles would go with loads of outfits. I bought the 'Animal' popbands for £7.20 instead of £8 as they're currently offering 10% off your first order.

The Important Review

I ordered the popbands hair bobbles on Tuesday and I have received them today which is Thursday. In my opinion the delivery service is excellent as it only took 2 days to arrive and it was free delivery...BONUS! The packaging well lets just say I just LOVED IT!! I walked through the door today after a long day at work and all I could see on the bench was this BRIGHT PINK envelope. I mean what girl isn't going to get excited about opening a bright pink parcel. So I quick teared the envelope and look what was inside....

Bracelet Look

After opening the envelope I just couldn't wait to use them so I decided to try one out whilst going out for my dads birthday tonight. I know so keen..whoops! I decided to go for the leopard print one as I was wearing black and camel and I thought it would go perfect with my outfit in my hair or around my wrist. I'v gotta admit it did look so much better than a boring black one that is usually around my wrist. What do you think? 

Kink - free
In terms of kink-free hair, I can honestly say it did still leave a little one but it wasn't extreme! Normally I can feel the kink if I slide my hand down the back of my hair but I couldn't, it was ever so slight. Check my before and after picture and see what you think for yourself. oh and I need a hair cut so try not to look too much at the condition please. 

One thing that was very positive about popbands is that when taking the bobble out my hair, no hair got tangled up around the bobble. Nothing worse than pulling half of your hair out whilst taking your bobble out is there? Normally it hurts too. Wahhhhh!

Overall, I will be definitely getting myself some more of these 'Popbands' in other colours. I  really fancy getting more for going to the gym so I might go for more of a neon/bright kind of colour. I know my friend was dying for me to review these aswell as shes wanting to buy some for her holiday to Egypt next month. The lucky gurrrrl.

If you were wanting to get your hands on some aswell use the code 'THANKYOU10' for 10% off your order. 

What your favourite colour or pattern? 

What do you think of the before and after pictures?

Let me know below..I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love 

A x


Monday, October 26

My First Commoda Clothing Order

Well hello there. I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. I have been literally waiting to write this blog post since I ordered from Commoda Clothing Boutique website 2/3 weeks ago but I have been waiting to wear one of the items first before posting.

I came across this boutique on Instagram and clicked straight onto their website after seeing the beautiful 'Kristy Green' in the Mita Dress. My first impressions of the website were classy and simple. There is no bright colours or complicated menu literally just black and white layout and a clear menu at the side. Easy as that. Check it out for yourself. 

Before exploring the website I thought I would read the 'About us' to see what they're all about. 

What they say: Commoda Clothing is a fresh new online boutique specialising in the latest celebrity and blogger fashion! We stay on top of the latest fashion trends to ensure that our customers are being delivered with the hottest looks of the season. Here at Commoda, we understand how important it is to look and feel your best, which is why we keep our items affordable! The key to success is a happy and satisfied customer, therefore we have provided a simple yet exciting shopping experience with a website which is easy to use.

What I say: I literally couldn't agree more with how they have described themselves as a new online boutique. The clothes are affordable and my shopping experience was EXTREMELY satisfying. The only negative point I have about this boutique is their delivery costs. I bought two items and delivery was £5 something (sorry cant remember exactly). Don't get me wrong my delivery came within 1-2 days like it explains but I just think its a bit pricey especially because I haven't ordered from them before and wasn't sure on sizes. 
Anywayssssss the most important bit! WHAT DID I BUY? Well..when seeing Kristy Green in the Mita Dress I just had to buy it for myself.  I literally fell in LOVE and I had been looking for a dress for my friends engagement party for so long I knew this was the ONE. So I put it straight in my basket priced at £50. I know some people will think 'oh that expensive' but a little black dress never comes in wrong and I'm sure I will wear it loads over the Christmas period. 

When the dress arrived I couldn't of been happier. The material was such good quality. It was that sort of material where it is so thick it holds everything in at the right places. In terms of the detail of the dress the neck choker has to be that stand up detail it really gives that extra WOW factor! 

I wore the dress on Saturday for my friends engagement party with my rose gold shoes and clutch bag. I'm sorry I don't have a full length pic to show you with everything termed together, I promise I will up my picture blogging game soon for my next post. 

 I have literally just been browsing through the daily mail app this morning and noticed all of the celebrity wearing neck choker style dress at the EMA's soooo lets just say this dress is so on TREND! yeyyy!! 

I also added to my basket another dress called 'Lorna Dress' I just couldn't resist as it was only £24 and I thought I have so many birthdays and events coming up in the next few months it will most definitely come in handy. This dress is suede material and has a lovely tie back detail. I just think its a perfect piece for summer to autumn transition. I could pair it up with tights and boots or even a pair of heels for a night out.  

I haven't wore this dress yet but I will be sure to write a post on it soon or add a pic to my Instagram page when I do. I honestly could have bought so many more items from this website. If you have seen my October Wishlist you will have noticed a grey laced up skirt which is also from this website called 'Briony Skirt' and is £16. Finger crossed I will be able to add it to my wardrobe when its payday next week. 

So there you have it my first order from Commoda Clothing. Have a look for yourselves ladies I'm sure you will find something you can't resist. Don't forget to follow them on Instagram too. 

Have you came across this boutique yet?

What have you been adding to your wardrobe lately?

Let me know below.

lots of love



Wednesday, October 21

Collonil Leather Gel Care Review

Heyyy heyyyy heyyyyyy! I hope everyone is having a lovely week...FRIDAY TOMORROW wooohoo!! I just thought I would write a little review on the Collonil Leather Gel because I know when I got my first ever leather designer bag, I had no idea which product I should use to protect it. So for all you leather bag lovers out there listen up because couldn't recommend this product enough :) 

What they say: Collonil Leather Gel is a solvent-free gentle gel to improve the water resistance of certain leathers. It can help leather to resist dirt and moisture. This leather gel can be used on- Natural Leather; Printed Leather; Pebbled Leather; Soft Spongy Leather; Glazed Goat; Soft Buffalo; Glossy Buffalo; Glossy Goat; Spongy Pebbled; Soft Calf; Nappa; and Reverse Croc 

Soooo...I have two leather handbag. I have a Michael Kors Totes Bag In Taupe which I got for Christmas and a Mulberry Baywater in Oxblood which I got for a graduation present! I have to say I am a very lucky girly and I am extremely grateful to my mam and dad for buying them for me!

I honestly use them everyday whether it is shopping with the girlies, out for tea, visiting family..just everyday outings. I just think why not? You want to get your money's worth and they are both very classic looking bags that go with most outfits  Summer or Winter. The only thing about using the bags often is they can become worn and look a bit grubby.I know people say it adds to the character of the bag but sometimes I just want the leather to look shiny and clean again. Also with the Taupe bag been such a light colour my blue denim jeans have rubbed off onto it before HUMPH! Soooooo this is where the Collonil Gel comes in. 

What I say: I use the gel every other month just to give my bags a once over and to keep them in good condition. The results are amazing. I always use a dust cloth to apply the gel as they're very soft against the leather. When using the product I simply dip the cloth into the gel and apply it straight onto the bag, making sure I rub the gel into the bag so no gel is visible anymore. After covering the whole bag in the gel I wait around 10-15 minutes to make sure it is dry and all the gel has soaked in properly. There you have it. Quick and as easy as that.Your bag is ready to show off on them daily outings again. 

If you have any sort of leather bag/ purse etc I would honestly advise you to get a hold of this gel. You can buy it off the mulberry website for £8 or get it a little cheaper on eBay which is where I purchased mine from.

What do you use to protect your leather fashion items?

Do you love this product as much as me?

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love

A x


Saturday, October 17

Beauty/ Wanted

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette.
2. JML Ped Egg.
3. Sleek Brow Kit. 
4. Mac Twig Lipstick.
5.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
6. Chanel Long- Wear Flawless Fluid Foundation.
7. Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer.

Hey again, I know you might be thinking OMG another post this week but I am still on the search for my dream job so I have so much time on my hands at the minute. If you have been reading my blog this week you will know I shared my 'October Fashion Wishlist' so I thought I why not do a Beauty Most Wanted too. There are so many more products I want to try but I didn't want my pic collage to look too crowded so I just selected some products I REALLY REALLY want. As I am new to blogging I'm trying to use different apps and websites to made the best collages and looks. If I'm honest,  I'm quite proud of this one. I used my Iphone and first of all used 'Layout' to position my pictures in the correct places then used 'InstaSize' to include the text. InstaSize is a really good app to use for adding text to a picture as it has lots of different fonts to choose from. Another bonus both app are FREE. 

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have LOVED the Naked Eyeshadow Palettes since FOREVER and I always get jealous of my friends who have them. My friend has just bought no.3 and the packaging is even amazing aswell as the colours.  The thing that has put me off buying one of these products for so long is I just can NOT do a good smokey eye actually any sort of eyeshadow look for that matter. I really want to learn how to though and with all the tutorials out there I'm sure with a little bit of practice I could do it. I think my mam and friends are sick of me asking them to do my eyes before a night out..whoops! So I think I might have to treat myself sometime soon. I have £10 on my Debehams beauty card so it would make it £28 instead of £38. BARGAIN. 
2. JML Ped Egg
I just generally need one of JML Ped Eggs in my life, I always have really dry feet and my boyfriend just thinks I'm disgusting :( Wahhhhh! I have a Pumice stone in my bathroom and I use it every now and again but after reading a few reviews on the Peg Eggs I feel it may work alot better. You can get them in loads of different colours to aswell as a Electric roller that sounds effortless. 

3. Sleek Brow Kit. 
Sleek is a product I have never used but I keep seen more and more often on peoples blogs, on Instagram and some of the friends use the contouring palette.  oh and I noticed inthestlye  are even starting to sell it, so I mean it must be good right? I just NEED to try the Brow Kit as I use the Benefit one which is £24.50 and it seems very similar. At £8.49 it could be a massive money saver! More money to spend on beauty/fashion items is always a winner!

4. Mac Twig Lipstick.
If you have read my recent 'Mac Blankety Lipstick Review' you will have noticed by my pictures and comment that I love Mac lipsticks and oh EVERYTHING Mac. Adding one more to the collection won't hurt will it. Twig is a pinky - brown tone and I think it would be one of them lipstick I could wear everyday with any outfit. 

5.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
I literally have every real technique makeup brush but I have never got round to trying the sponge, the next time I am in Boots I will be picking one up for sure. So many bloggers talk about how amazing it is to apply your foundation as it doesn't leave any unwanted brush marks just a smooth flawless look. SOLD! 

6. Chanel Long- Wear Flawless Fluid Foundation.
I have wanted to try this foundation for so long but I can never bring myself to spend so much on foundation. At the minute I wear Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation and I just love the coverage it gives but just fancy trying something new. Next time I'm shopping I think I'm going to have to ask for a tester for sure.  

7. Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer.
My boyfriend mam has been using this product for a while and Iv been meaning to get some for myself as her skin looks a great colour when its applied. With my summer tan officially gone I think its about time I got myself to Boots and finally purchases this product and see what its like for myself. Fingers crossed my skin looks as good as hers. 

What's on your most wanted beauty products?

Have you used any of these beauty products?

I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love


Wednesday, October 14

Mac Blankety Lipstick Review

Another six empties, another free Mac lipstick. I have to say I do LOVE Mac for the fine fact that if you have any six empty produces you get a FREE lipstick worth £15.50. This happens quite often aswell for me as I use pretty much EVERYTHING Mac. 

When exploring the fabulous Mac lipstick counter I normally just pick the first colour that catches my eye. This time however I decided to have a good look and go for a more nude colour. I have alot of bright colours like Diva, Rebel, Girl About Town etc so I thought it was time for a change. With my hand pretty much covered in every nude lipstick possible I decided to go for the Amplified Lipstick in colour Blankety which is described as a Soft Pink Beige. 

My first impressions of this lipstick were that it gives full coverage in just one layer and is very moisturizing when on the lips. In terms of applying the lipstick throughout the day, I felt as though I apply this lipstick more often than usual. In terms of colour though I LOVED it! 

Now the weather is changing and my Autumn wardrobe is in full swing I feel this lipstick will be getting used more often as it really compliments the darker colours. 

Not only is this lipstick in my opinion an every day to day lipstick it also goes perfect with a smokey eye for them fabulous nights out. I got my makeup done at Mac in Fenwicks Newcastle and the lady who applied my makeup used Blankety teamed up with Soar lipliner and I just HAD to buy it. Its a little darker than Blankety so it really gives that outline and fuller lip everyone is currently obsessed with at the moment. Personally, I would much prefer a fuller lip by using a lipliner than getting lip filler as more and more people are doing now. I just think it looks a little OTT and unnatural. 

Whats your favourite Mac Lipstick?

Are you loving the big lip trend at the minute?

Let me know

Lots of Love

A x



Tu Clothing Haul

Every now and again Sainsburys have 25% off all of their TU clothing and accessories and I always seems to pick up some lovely items so I thought I would share some of my recent purchases. Sainsburys clothing are a reasonable price already so with an extra 25% off the price its AMAZING! oh and if you've got a nectar card you get points aswell...Extra BONUS! 

The first thing I picked up at the front of the store was a lovely knitted polo neck jumper in grey, which has a multicoloured speckled effect (green,camel,black,grey). Sometimes I am a bit funny about knitted jumpers because I have came across jumpers that I love but that are far too itchy on my skin. I can honestly say this jumper is so cosy and doesn't itch at all. This jumper is great for a casual autumn and winter look and was only £16.50, originally £22.  I bought this jumper in a size 12 as I wanted it to look a little oversized, but would normally wear a size 8. I wore it the other day to go for lunch and teamed it up with my Topshop black joni jeans,  Zara leather jacket, H&M ankle boots and Mulberry Ox blood Bayswater. You can also get this knitted jumper in blue with multicoloured pink purple speckles. 

I also picked up a Suede Tan Mini Skirt. I have been looking for skirt like this for a while to go into my wardrobe but with having a big bum and thighs I find it hard to get skirt to fit right. However, after trying this on in the fitting rooms I couldn't resist, it was PERFECT. The skirt has a little bronze detail zip at the back and the material is a soft suede so doesn't cling to my legs. At £13.50, originally £18 I knew it was a MUST HAVE item. 

I wore this skirt for a night out in Liverpool and teamed it up with a black polo neck top with no sleeves, black lace up heels,a tortoise shell clutch bag, my Olivia Burton watch and some Mocha Barry M nailvarnish. 

I can't wait till the right occasion comes along and I can wear this skirt with a big knitted jumper, thick tights, ankle boots and fedora hat. SOOO cosy! 

Finally, I fell in love with these tan leather loafers. They're real leather and literally are the most comfortablest shoes EVER! I think its because the leather is really soft around the sides and heel area. I just LOVE the detail on the shoes with the fine stitching around the edges and the fringe fronts. I bought these shoes at £18.75, originally £25. Just such a places like Office are selling very similar ones for around £60. 

When I purchased all of these items my mam also bought me another jumper but its for Christmas so I will show you all in my Christmas post. eeeeeek..its literally so CLOSE. Anyone started their shopping yet?

I hope you liked this TU Clothing Haul as much as I like my purchases. Keep an eye out for the next 25% off and get down to your location Sainsburys store and pick up some bargains. 

Lots of love

A x

Monday, October 12

My October Fashion Wishlist

Rust polo neck - Topshop/ Dr Martens Leather Boots - Schuh/ Silver Bubble Stacking Ring - Pandora / Khaki Dress - Commoda Clothing/ Suede Mac - Topshop/ Powder Brush - Real Technique / Suede Lace Skirt - Commonda Clothing/ Black Lace Up Pointed Shoes - River Island/ Clutch Bag - Whistles

October is in full swing and I am LOVING all the Autumn colours especially rust and khaki..FAV! There are so many lovely things in the shops and online at the moment and I am wanting to buy literally everything. With Christmas coming up and my bank balance not in the best way I can only WISH at the moment...Booooo! (Actually Iv just told a tiny fib..I'm currently waiting for the Khaki Dress by Commoda Clothing to arrive on my doorstep. Hopefully it fits because its my first order from this boutique).  Anyhoo fingers crossed I might get some of these items for Christmas if I start dropping some hints to my boyfriend and family members soon. 

Do you like any of these items?

What have you got on your October wishlist?

lots of love

A x


Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brush

I've owned a Compact Styler Tangle Teezer for so long now and I couldn't live without it. Its most definitely a handbag essential especially with it been a small size. As I have long locks I have to carry a brush with me at all times to get rid of them knots and tats during the day. I have the leopard print one however you can get them in all colours and patterns. On Tangle Teezers official website this size is £12.25, I got mine at the airport so I got it a little bit cheap. LOVE A BARGAIN. 

When blow drying my hair I have always used a paddle brush as my hair is so thick and using a paddle brush always seem to control it easier. Recently however my Ghd Styler Paddle Brush broke so I was on the search for a new one. When doing my daily ASOS browsing on my phone, I came across the new Tangle Teezer Blow- Styling Brush and I thought 'well I LOVE my compact style tangle teezer so why not give this ago'. After reading a little more about it, I was SOLD. I bought the 'Full Paddle Brush' £20 but you can also get it a 'Medium' £18 just depending on the length of your hair. I know that might seem expensive (my boyfriend couldn't believe it when I told him) but I just think I use it everyday so its well worth the spends. 

I have had the Tangle Teezer Full Paddle Blow- Styling Brush for a few weeks now and I honestly LOVE it. It does exactly what it says on the box. The brushing has fixed based teeth which helps to dry my hair much quicker. This is a big thing for me as I have long hair and I wash it everyday (naughty I know). I also feel like my hair is much smoother/shiner and I don't need to apply the straighteners as much. So if your looking for a new paddle brush or wanting to make your blow-dry a little bit quicker. Get yourself one of these Tangle Teezer Paddle Brushes.

What brush do you use to blow-dry your hair?

Do you love the new Tangle Teezer Paddle Brush?

Let me know.

Lots of love 

A x


Sunday, October 11

Welcome To Anna-Louise-Loves

Hey Everyone. As this is my first blog post I thought I would be a good idea to do a little 'Get To Know Me' post so here goes... 

1. Do you have a middle name?
 Yes, Louise which is why my blog name is Anna-Louise-Loves. There is actually a story behind my middle name aswell. When I was in secondary school, weirdly enough there was another Anna Slater so school advised me to get a middle name incase our work or exams got mixed up. SOOOOO because my mothers middle name was Marie we decided to go with that...UNTIL I went into school and found out she had also picked Marie. Freak eh? anyways I ended up with Louise and I think I like it better anyways so happy days!  
2. Where do you live?
 I live in Washington which is between Newcastle and Sunderland. 
3. What’s your favourite drink?
I love blackcurrant juice its my favourite thing to drink in the house. Everyone thinks I'm so strange because I don't like milk or any hot coffee or tea for me.
My favourite alcoholic drink is Rose Vino. God knows why though because it gives you the worst hangovers EVER.
4. What’s your favourite song at the moment? 
This is not hard at all...I AM OBSESSED with Justin Bieber - 'What Do You mean?' Just puts me in such a good mood. Talking about Justin Bieber actually if you havn't watched the carpool karaoke with him and James Corden please check it out by clicking on the link.. its sooo funny!
5. What would you name your children?
 I talk about this alot with my girlies. I LOVE Ron for a little boy but for a girl I have no idea. 

6. Do you participate in any sports? 
I have just started going to the gym. Well I say just I mean in the last 6 weeks. I have had a membership for a while but I just didn't have the motivation to go but now the gym has been rebuild and is all new iv been going ALOT. I have enjoyed going to different classes like bodypump, circuits, boxercise etc. Iv found having friends to go to the classes with much easier and I enjoy going for a little but of a gossip too (Oops). 
7. What’s your favourite book? 
I don't read a lot, but I have recently just finished reading ' The Girl On A Train' by Paula Hawkins and I literally couldn't put it down. 
8. What’s your favourite colour? 
I would have to say 'black' I know some people would say 'dull and boring' but BLACK goes with everything. My wardrobe has so  much black and iv literally just ordered a new little Black dress from Commoda Clothing called 'Mita Dress' to add to the collect. I can't wait for it go arrived. I found this boutique on Instagram and this is my first ever order so finger crossed it will come and I will LOVE IT! I will keep you all updated. 

9. What’s your favourite animal?
MONKEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! HONESTLY I am OBSESSED. I went to Edinburgh Zoo with my boyfriend James in April and I was so excited. The monkeys were just soo sassy.  
10. What’s your favorite perfume?
You know what I don't actually wear perfume. I know I'm strange but I get headaches every easy and normally perfume sets them off. Boooooooo. On the plus side though more money to spend on CLOTHES!! 

11. What’s your favourite movie?

It has to be Matilda. I know it word for word. Sad I know. Last year my girlies bought me tickets to see it in theatre in London and it was just AMAZING. BEST PRESENT EVER!! 

12. Have you graduated from University? 
I have just graduated in June as a Primary School Teacher. Unfortunately, I don't have a teaching job yet but I'm still searching and I'm sure I will find my dream school and classroom soon. Fingers crossed pleased everyone.  
13. Have you been out of the country?
Many times, I was very blessed as a child to go on holiday a number of times (FLORIDA has to be one of my fav) and I have been on holidays with my boyfriend and friends a number of times. 
14. Do you speak any other languages?
No. I was soooo rubbish at languages at school :( 

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yeahhh. I have a older brother called Christopher. Hes 27.

16. What’s your favourite clothes store?
Clothes...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE everywhere but ZARA has gotta be my number one store. I have actually been shopping in primark and sainsburys lately for my Autumn  for a few bargains so I will add a post about these later as I know everyone loves a bargain buy. 

17. What’s your favourite restaurant?
I love nandos...I KNOW borinnnnnnnnnggg but I do think its sooooo yummy! I also love The Botanist and I know I should like the Newcastle one best but I DON'T. My best friend lives in Leeds as she studying there and I just find The Botanist there so much more quirk and cute. Don't get me wrong with Botanist in Newcastle has AMAZING views from the window.
18. Whats your favourite makeup brand? 
its gotta be MAC. I love ADORE everything. 
19. What are some of your favourite TV shows? 
Emmerdale, Corra, Towie, Ex on the Beach, British Bake off, Friends, Pretty Little Lairs, and I love any ITV or BBC series. I watched 'Dr Foster' which has just finished on Wednesday. It was BRILLIANT. I was literally hooked. 
22. Any pets? 

Yeah I have a Shih Tzu called Ollie and he is literally the cutest thing EVER. oh and he LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS a selfie :)

If you have anymore questions. Don't hesitate to ask or comment below.
Hope you have enjoyed 'Getting To Know Me'
Lots of Love
A x

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