Wednesday, October 21

Collonil Leather Gel Care Review

Heyyy heyyyy heyyyyyy! I hope everyone is having a lovely week...FRIDAY TOMORROW wooohoo!! I just thought I would write a little review on the Collonil Leather Gel because I know when I got my first ever leather designer bag, I had no idea which product I should use to protect it. So for all you leather bag lovers out there listen up because couldn't recommend this product enough :) 

What they say: Collonil Leather Gel is a solvent-free gentle gel to improve the water resistance of certain leathers. It can help leather to resist dirt and moisture. This leather gel can be used on- Natural Leather; Printed Leather; Pebbled Leather; Soft Spongy Leather; Glazed Goat; Soft Buffalo; Glossy Buffalo; Glossy Goat; Spongy Pebbled; Soft Calf; Nappa; and Reverse Croc 

Soooo...I have two leather handbag. I have a Michael Kors Totes Bag In Taupe which I got for Christmas and a Mulberry Baywater in Oxblood which I got for a graduation present! I have to say I am a very lucky girly and I am extremely grateful to my mam and dad for buying them for me!

I honestly use them everyday whether it is shopping with the girlies, out for tea, visiting family..just everyday outings. I just think why not? You want to get your money's worth and they are both very classic looking bags that go with most outfits  Summer or Winter. The only thing about using the bags often is they can become worn and look a bit grubby.I know people say it adds to the character of the bag but sometimes I just want the leather to look shiny and clean again. Also with the Taupe bag been such a light colour my blue denim jeans have rubbed off onto it before HUMPH! Soooooo this is where the Collonil Gel comes in. 

What I say: I use the gel every other month just to give my bags a once over and to keep them in good condition. The results are amazing. I always use a dust cloth to apply the gel as they're very soft against the leather. When using the product I simply dip the cloth into the gel and apply it straight onto the bag, making sure I rub the gel into the bag so no gel is visible anymore. After covering the whole bag in the gel I wait around 10-15 minutes to make sure it is dry and all the gel has soaked in properly. There you have it. Quick and as easy as that.Your bag is ready to show off on them daily outings again. 

If you have any sort of leather bag/ purse etc I would honestly advise you to get a hold of this gel. You can buy it off the mulberry website for £8 or get it a little cheaper on eBay which is where I purchased mine from.

What do you use to protect your leather fashion items?

Do you love this product as much as me?

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love

A x


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