Thursday, December 31

Goodbye 2015


Today is New Years Eve so I thought I would share some of my memories of 2015! and what better way to look back on my year than searching through Instagram and reminding myself of all the fun and challenging times I've had. 

First of all I would like to talk about my BIRTHDAY! The birthday of the year..I know you're probably thinking WHAT A BIG HEAD but my birthday is the 1st of August and everyone is always in that summer/party mood so it's always a blast. 

This year, after I had been to T in the Park I wanted to have my own festival. So I did and named it 'Slate Fest' as my second name is 'Slater'. I bought some wrist bands off ebay for about £3. I have to say I LOVED THEM and I think everyone else did. I also had limbo, beer pong, cocktail making, scran, chill zone, tattoos, and of course the music blasting. (Sorry neighbours). OMG and how can I forget the most amazing posters made by my friend boyfriend to stick around my garden! They were literally SO GOOD!! Thanks again lee for doing that..big loves. 

As you can see from the pictures it was such a laugh and everyone was loving my 'Slate Fest' insta frame I made for the occasion.

This year has also been full of other celebrations including weddings, engagements and christening. Massive Congratulations to James's sister that got married and of course shout out to James for his amazing speech at their wedding. Also some of mine and James's closest friends got engaged this year and we literally can't wait for the wedding in 2017! Congratulations Kat and Adam! 

I have spend as much time as I can with my fav six girls and I'm sure we will have just as many adventures in 2016! Our little weekend in Embleton has got to be one of my favourites. I can't wait to do it all again in Summer 2016. 

I love music festivals and this year I went to T In the Park with James, my auntie and uncle in their camper van! James refused to go camping in a tent because he had a bad experience when he went with the lads one year. I've got to admit I enjoy camping at festivals with the girls but this year spending time with the family and having good food and a shower everyday was AMAZING!

If you read my blog often you will know I have 6 main girls in my life and we have been friends from school, however I also have another bunch of amazing girls in my life who I met when working at French Connection! I worked there for 6 years and I am very grateful to have met them. We always have the wildest, funniest, craziest nights/outings and I literally wouldn't change them for the world!

I have had another lush year with James and one of my favourite outings with him has got to be when we went to Edinburgh! It is such a beautiful city and the ZOO is just the most AMAZING place ever. I literally spent most of my day watching the monkeys, I think James wanted to kill me by the end of it haha! I'm obssessed with them, even got myself a pen and key ring with a monkey on, in the shop before leaving. But honestly if you haven't been to Edinburgh/Zoo before I would definitely put it on your do it list for 2016!

Although this year has been another year of fun with my favs! I can't forget about the challenges and tears I had during the beginning of the year completing my PGCE in Primary Education. Don't get me wrong I loved it but it was hard work! I met some lovely people along the way and I can't thank them, my friends/boyfriend and family enough for their support! I am currently still searching for that dream school and classroom to follow my dream as a primary school teacher so please keep your fingers crossed for me in the new year. 

Finally, I would like to talk about my blog. As you can see from my most popular Instagram post, most of the pictures were to do with my reviews and blog posts. Although I only started in October, I have had so many amazing comments by friends/ family and of course you lovely lot who have chose to read my blog. I hope this year I continue to grow my followers with exciting content as I have really enjoyed doing it for the past few months. Thank you again for reading!

In 2016, I hope to continue blogging, keep fit, spend more time with my family and of course find my dream job as a primary school teacher. 

Thank you again for your support on my blog and here's to 2016! Let's make a million more amazing memories! 

What's your favourite memory of 2015? What do you hope to achieve in 2016? Have you got any plans for 2016 already?

Let me know by commenting below

Lots of love

A x


Bealim House: Review

Like everyone else over this Christmas period I have ate so much food and been out for so many meals, so I thought I would share with you one of my favourite places I've visited. 

Whilst my boyfriend (James) and myself were doing some last minute shopping in Newcastle before Christmas, we decided to go for a little pit stop and full our stomachs. When shopping in Newcastle I always park in the car park next to St.James Park and whilst walking into town my boyfriend noticed 'Bealim House' just along from China town entrance. We both exchanged opinion about how nice it looked from outside and James was very keen to try it. Whilst shopping we discussed different places we could maybe eat for lunch but decided to give 'Bealim House' ago, even though we were unaware of what to expect in terms of food or drink. We both aren't fussy eaters anyways so we were sure we would find something we liked. 

When walking into 'Bealim House' I was taken in by the vintage look and exposed brick. I do think alot of bars/restaurants that are opening recently all go for this similar feel/look, nevertheless, 'Bealim House' looked amazing. One of the massive plus points about this place is how spacious it is. There is a huge bar area with tables both downstairs and upstairs for dining.  

We were seated straight away and seated downstairs right next to the bar area. Whilst sitting down and looking around at the decor and drinks menu, it all came clear that 'Bealim House' was a gin bar/restaurant.

I did actually do a little bit of research when I got home and found out 'Bealim House' opened/renamed in September and is it Newcastle's FIRST authentic Gin distillery, bar and eatery so that exciting especially if you're a gin drinker like myself. 

Of course I had to try one of the gin cocktails off the menu so I went for the 'Lychee Cooler' which entailed of Newcastle Gin, Kwai Feh, Lemon and Cranberry Juice. I have to admit it was very refreshing and I really enjoyed it. James went for the mulled wine because he was dying to have his first one of the Christmas period. As you can imagine there are many other cocktails to choose from and I can't wait to try some more the next time I visit. Click HERE to view drinks menu. 

Now for the food! Myself and James decided to go for  'Meat' platter from the menu under the 'eat social' heading. The meat platter included steak strips, chicken & chorizo kebabs, pork pops, sausages, serrano ham, chips and bread. We literally hardly spoke until the whole platter was gone. The food was beyond delicious and was just the right amount to full the both of us. The platter was £22.50 which is quite pricey in my opinion but we didn't mind as it was very tasty. During our meal we were asked how our food was and if we would like anything else which I really look out for at a restaurant. The menu at 'Beamlim House' is rather large so I'm sure if you payed a visit you would find something that tickles your pickle. Click HERE to view. 

Overall my experience at 'Bealim House' was excellent, the atmosphere, the servers, the food, the drinks, EVERYTHING. I honestly couldn't fault this place. If you're visiting Newcastle or looking for somewhere new to visit or even better a GIN LOVER! Book a table or pop in for a look yourself..I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Have you visited 'Bealim House' before?

Whats your favourite restaurant/bar in Newcastle?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x 

Wednesday, December 30

Girly Christmas

Hello you gorgeous lot. Firstly, I would like to say Merry Christmas and I hope you had a lovely day and got spoilt rotten. I know I certainly did. Secondly, I would like to apologise for my lack of posts lately, I've just had no motivation or time to get any content down. Whoops. I thought I would tell you a little bit about my girly Christmas I had on the 23rd of December and what I received. If you read my Secret Santa gift guide you will know, I do Secret Santa every year with my 6 girls. This year was extra special as everyone was able to make it. Three of the girls don't live in Washington/Newcastle anymore, Lucy (Bam) lives in Dubai, Lucy is in Milton Keynes and Caff is currently in Leeds so getting everyone together is always a task in itself. It was so nice to finally all be together, catch up and exchange gifts.

We decided to exchange gift and have food/drinks in a local pub in Fatfield, Washington called the Havelock. In recently years we have made Christmas dinner and everyone has brought a little something but this year I think it was easier to get someone else to make the food and drinks so we had more time to catch up. 

Before opening gifts we all ordered food and drinks. I went for the beef bap and chips and it was beyond yum as you can see. If you ever fancy going to the Havelock, you have to try the chips! BEST EVER! 

Oh and the drinks order, I have to tell you about the gin and tonic beverage some of us ordered as it was beyond delicious. The gin is called Edinburgh Gin and we tried the Rhubarb and Ginger flavour. Honestly, we liked it so much they literally ran out so we ended up also trying the Raspberry one aswell but I've got to say the Rhubarb and Ginger was definitely my favourite. After, doing a bit of research on this Gin you can also get it in Elderflower flavour. Click HERE to read a little more about it, but honestly if you're a gin lover I would definitely get your hands on some. SO YUM and the bottle it comes in, is well cute. 

The bit your all waiting for..what did I get! Well there was a little mix up with the presents as Tom (Lucy's Boyfriend) texted everyone twice with the name of their Secret Santa because the first time he forgot to text me. As everyone else received two text messages, Lucy only read the first person she got and not the second (hands over eyes monkey face) so basically Sarah was receiving two gifts. You never guess who Lucy was suppose to have..yes you guessed it..ME! Not to worry though, myself and Sarah are very similar in that we both enjoy the same clothes and love trying new products so it wasn't a massive problem. 

I was really pleased with my gifts. I got the Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo kit and some chocolate. I have never tried any Laura Mercier products before and my Benefit Brows kit is running out so I was buzzing and of course who doesn't like chocolate! Once my benefit kit has all gone I will be giving this ago and of course letting you know how I feel about it so keep an eye out on my blog. 

So there you have it, my little girly Christmas. Everyone was really pleased with their gifts and it was so lovely to have everyone together even if it was short and sweet. Unfortunately, the next time we will all be together will be Summer...AS IF! I'm sure I will keep you update with our outings and gatherings when that time comes. 

Did you do Secret Santa/Girly Christmas this year? Get anything nice? 

Oh and has anyone tried the Laura Mercier brows before? 

Let me know by just commenting below. 

Lots of love 

A x


Friday, December 18

Christmas Jumpers

Its officially acceptable to wear your Christmas jumpers at work, in the house, out shopping, to the pub EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEEEE!! I know people sometimes go out in Christmas jumpers for their staff nights out or even just have a Christmas bar crawl wearing one. Oh and OF COURSE to get involved in TEXTSANTA! Have you donated yet? Click HERE 

I thought I would give you a few ideas of where you might want to look for one and what is out there this year. All the jumpers I am about to show you are all under £20..BARGAIN!

Juggling Snowman Christmas Jumper - £12 - Primark

Santa Chimney Christmas Jumper -  £12 - F&F Tesco

Jungle Bells - £20 - Currently £15 - Sainsburys Tu Clothing 

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal - £18 - Boohoo

Be Merry & Bright - £18 - Currently £13 - Sainsburys Tu Clothing

Coca Cola Holidays...Are Coming - £17.99 - New Look

Grey Pug Bad Santa - £14.99 - New Look

I got to say the Coca Cola Holidays..Are Coming has got to be my favourite.

Are you looking for a Christmas Jumper this year?

Let me know where your going in your jumper..I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Christmas love

A x

Friday, December 4

Ultimate Stocking Fillers

Happy Friday Everyone. I hope you're all going to get excited about these 'Ultimate Stocking Fillers' as much as I was when my cousin texted me! 

Roger Hargreaves has terms up with Truffleshuffle to launch brand new and exclusive Mr Men & Little Miss Parody Mugs. I've got to admit I absolutely love the new additions to the family especially the 'Little Miss Blogger' one. I know all your bloggers out there LOVEEEEEEEE IT TOO!! So much you want to buy yourself it right? There is so many to choose from I totes want to buy all my friends one for Christmas. OMG there is a 'Little Miss Totes' one. Eeeeeeek I am getting far too excited about these mugs. The mugs are only £6.99 each which I think is a fair price as I'm sure you will get a BIG smile or laughter out of whoever you pick to buy one for. 

Truffle Shuffle are of course celebrating this amazing new collection of mugs by letting us all enter into a competition to win the FULL collection. Plus 3 lucky runners up can choose themselves one mug each. To enter click HERE. There is a number of ways to enter through Instagram, Twitter, email, Facebook etc. The competition closes at midnight on Monday the 8th of December so you better be quick. eeeeeeeee there is even a Little Miss Sassy! HOWWWW AMAZING! 

We All Know One...But The Question Is Which One Are You?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

Little Miss Blogger 


Wednesday, December 2

My December Bucketlist

YES! YES! YES! It's December and EVERYONE is excited for sparkles, celebrations and smiles! I always have so many things I want to do in the month of December because friends are home, people are off work and places have fun events to explore. With this in mind, I thought I would write a December Bucketlist and hopefully I will be able to complete it all by 2016. I will post pictures of every bucklist activity I complete on my Instagram aslater_90. Click HERE if you would like to follow in my December footsteps.   

1. Help Put The Christmas Tree Up - Almost every year I watch my Dad from the sofa put up the Christmas tree. This year I have promised him I will help. I might even go in the loft and get it down if hes lucky. 

2. Go Ice Skating - I haven't been ice skating for years and I always find it puts me in that Christmasy mood, even if I do fall over a million times. I asked my boyfriend James to go the other week, he didn't seem too keen but I'm sure with another try he will give in. Fingers crossed.

3. Fenwicks Window - If you live in the North East you will know exactly what this is. Fenwick's Window is an annual Christmas window display in the Northumberland Street frontage of Fenwick Newcastle. Fenwick's take a different theme each year and it is always amazing. Last year was Alice in Wonderland. I still don't know what this years is and I'm trying to keep it as a surprise till I see it. eeeeek! I'm such a little kid at heart. 

4. Christmas Market - I went to a Christmas Market at the weekend and I was highly disappointed so I'm going to try my hardest to find a good one. I just love looking at the handmade gifts, cakes and of course getting a German Sausage! Nothing better. 

5. Wrap My Presents - Every year I leave my wrapping to the very last minute so this year I am going to be extra organised. I'm going to make sure I have all my presents by the 20th and wrapped under the tree. 

6. Keep My Secret Santa Hush Hush - If you have read my blog recently you will know I do a Secret Santa every year with the girls and EVERY YEAR...and I mean EVERY year I always give in and tell someone who I have. This year I am going to try my hardest to keep it hush hush! 

7. Christmas Cake - I love making cakes even if my boyfriend does always take all the credit for them. This year I'm going to make a giant cupcake and decorate it all christmasyyyy! Oh and of course its got to be Chocolate.. MY FAV!

8. Christmas Movie Marathon - Nothing better than putting on some Pjs, getting some treats and sitting in front of the fire with friends/family/boyfriend and watching your favourite Christmas films. I have got to say Home Alone always puts me and my Dad in the best of moods. No matter how many times we watch it, we still find it hilarious. I do enjoy a bit of 'Elf' too.   

9. Make Room For New Things - Even though I have a second bedroom to put my clothes in, I still never have room for anything. Whoops! Christmas day will soon be here and I know I will struggle to find somewhere to put my new things so a clean out/ tidy is a MUST! Send them unwanted clothes to the charity shop. 

10. Visit Others- Sadly, I have a number of family members that have passed away through the years and I like to make sure I pay them a visit. At this time of year especially,just so they know I'm thinking of them and wishing they were still here. <3 

11. Gym - The dreaded gym. I have promised myself and the girls I will go to the gym more often this month even though is it freezing outside and its the last thing I want to do. I can't hide under them baggie jumpers forever!

12. Celebrate - I know I don't have much money at the moment but spending as much time with my friend/family and boyfriend is at the top of my list. I have been feeling a little down lately and what better way to make myself feel better than spending time with every I LOVE and celebrating this festival period. 

There you have it My December Bucketlist. I would LOVE to add London and Harry Potter World onto this list but I just don't think it will ever happen. HUMPH!

What's on your December Bucketlist?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Christmas love

A x


Fenwick Friends and Family Discount

Every year near Christmas Fenwick Newcastle have a friends and family event (I'm sure other Fenwick stores too). This year it starts on Thursday 3rd December till Sunday 6th. I have received an invite through the post with two vouchers however EVERYONE can get involved by simply clicking HERE.  You can either print the voucher off or save it to your phone..RESULT! Sorry I don't have the link for other Fenwick store but I am sure they'll be one out there. 

All you need to do is show this voucher at the till and you will receive the discount. There's up to 20% off selected departments/ brands across the store including:

  • 20% OFF - Womenswear, Menswear, Handbags, Accessories, Childrenswear, Homeware and Christmas Gifts.

  • 15% OFF - Beauty

  • 10 % OFF - TVs, Electricals, Prams and Toys. 

When going to this event in the passed they don't seem to really ask for the voucher but I would take one just incase. I also find that some department don't display signs to inform you which items have money off which can be annoying. Nothing worse then asking all the time or even worse getting to the till thinking you've got a bargain. Let's see if this year is any different and more organised.

Happy Shopping. Let me know if you go and even better get any bargains.

Lots of love 

A x 

Tuesday, December 1

Corpore Sano: Eye Makeup Remover Review

Last week I was contacted by Corpore Sano via Twitter and they offered to send me some of their products. After exploring their website, one thing that really stood out to me was the 'Eye Make-up Remover' as I have been looking to try one for sometime! I currently use Cliniques 3 step to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my face, morning and night however before doing these 3 steps taking my eye makeup off is a MUST! I normally use a face wipe to get my mascara off but I find that it doesn't always get it completely off and I often wake up with black panda eyes in the morning.

When this produce arrived I was beyond excited to give it try, I just love trying new products and this is my first BLOG POST REVIEW where a company has send me the products to try and review. Exciting stuff..especially how I only started my blog 5/6 weeks ago. Thank You again Corpore Sano for getting in touch with me. 

My first impression of the 'Eye Makeup Remover' was a bit 'blah' I think it was because of the colour of the packaging and the liquid; it didn't look very girly (sad I know)! Nevertheless, I had to remember that the produces from Corpore Sano and packaging is made from natural products using light, ecological and recyclable materials. After reading the label around the eye makeup remover it explains it has natural extracts of sunflower which can explain the yellow colour of the liquid. My impressions soon changed when opening the bottle, the smell was so refreshing and I couldn't wait to use it. I have been using this product for 5 days now and I have been dying to write this review because I have nothing but excellent things to say about it. The bottle explains the product should eliminate make-up from the eye area in a gentle and efficient way, leaving your face clean and soft. If I am honest...I couldn't agree more with the above. 

I have been squeezing about 4 drops of the eye makeup remove onto a cotton pad and applying it straight to me eyes. I normally feel a bit unsure about putting things on my eyes as they are very sensitive..honestly they water all the time. With this in mind the first time I just used the corner of the pad to check it was okay. The product was totally fine didn't cause any itchy sensation at all and felt very gentle on the eye/skin. When I have used makeup remover before I have always been on ages scrubbing and use a number of cotton pads or face wipes and sometimes I wouldn't even get it all off. This produce literally takes 4 drops and one cotton pad and I have never woke up after the 5 days of using it with any black marks under my eyes. This produce is only £ and I was thinking about buying the clinque one at £17 but I will be definitely be purchasing some more of this when my runs out. You can also use it as a facial cleanse but I think I'm going to stick with my Clinique 3 step in terms of my whole face. I do think it would be great to take away for the night or the weekend though if I didn't want to pack loads of products and would definitely give it ago on my face. The bottle is rather small too so wouldn't give up much room at all. 

They have loads of products on their website so do have a look by clicking HERE. As you can see I also have these two toothpastes to try so I will keep you updated on how they are going. I'm really liking the look of the Shampoo for greasy hair so I think I'm going to have to place an order myself very soon. Corpore Sano sell produces for your hair, face, body and teeth so you have loads of products to choose from if you wanted to have a try. 

What eye makeup remover do you use? 

Comment below and let me know. I love to hear from all readers. 

Much love 

A x 

25% off | TU Clothng Wishlist


Black Friday and Cyber Monday might have just ended but Sainsburys have 25% off their Tu Clothing range. You can get 25% off online and in store at the moment and it doesn't end till the 7th of December! One of my first ever posts was a 'Tu Clothing Haul' and is it still to this day one of my most viewed. Click HERE to view. With this in mind, I have made a little wishlist. They don't have everything on their website so I'm sure there is much more I could add to this list if I took a visit to my local store. 

1. Camel Textured Stitched Maxi Cardigan £22 - £16.50
2. Navy Eyelet Detail Top £14 - £10.50 
3. Green Quilted Parka £45 - £33.75 
4. Black Corduroy Pencil Skirt £16 - £12 
5. Red Check Pj Set £14 - £10.50 
6. Cream eyelet detail jumper £22- £16.50 
7. Silver Satin Lace Bra £12 - £9. Also comes with the matching knickers 

Have a look on their website or call into your local store. Sainsburys clothes are always great quality, wash really well and of course the price tag is always dreamy. 

Don't forget to check out the mens and childrens department too. I always find my dad a few cheap treats on my spending spree along the way. T shirts as cheap as £6. WOW! Even just to add a little something to the gift you might have already bought him for Christmas. 

Do you like anything on my wishlist? 

How often you shop in Sainsbury Tu Clothing range? 

Hope you enjoyed read this post. Short but sweet. 

Much love

A x 
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