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Corpore Sano: Eye Makeup Remover Review

Last week I was contacted by Corpore Sano via Twitter and they offered to send me some of their products. After exploring their website, one thing that really stood out to me was the 'Eye Make-up Remover' as I have been looking to try one for sometime! I currently use Cliniques 3 step to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my face, morning and night however before doing these 3 steps taking my eye makeup off is a MUST! I normally use a face wipe to get my mascara off but I find that it doesn't always get it completely off and I often wake up with black panda eyes in the morning.

When this produce arrived I was beyond excited to give it try, I just love trying new products and this is my first BLOG POST REVIEW where a company has send me the products to try and review. Exciting stuff..especially how I only started my blog 5/6 weeks ago. Thank You again Corpore Sano for getting in touch with me. 

My first impression of the 'Eye Makeup Remover' was a bit 'blah' I think it was because of the colour of the packaging and the liquid; it didn't look very girly (sad I know)! Nevertheless, I had to remember that the produces from Corpore Sano and packaging is made from natural products using light, ecological and recyclable materials. After reading the label around the eye makeup remover it explains it has natural extracts of sunflower which can explain the yellow colour of the liquid. My impressions soon changed when opening the bottle, the smell was so refreshing and I couldn't wait to use it. I have been using this product for 5 days now and I have been dying to write this review because I have nothing but excellent things to say about it. The bottle explains the product should eliminate make-up from the eye area in a gentle and efficient way, leaving your face clean and soft. If I am honest...I couldn't agree more with the above. 

I have been squeezing about 4 drops of the eye makeup remove onto a cotton pad and applying it straight to me eyes. I normally feel a bit unsure about putting things on my eyes as they are very sensitive..honestly they water all the time. With this in mind the first time I just used the corner of the pad to check it was okay. The product was totally fine didn't cause any itchy sensation at all and felt very gentle on the eye/skin. When I have used makeup remover before I have always been on ages scrubbing and use a number of cotton pads or face wipes and sometimes I wouldn't even get it all off. This produce literally takes 4 drops and one cotton pad and I have never woke up after the 5 days of using it with any black marks under my eyes. This produce is only £ and I was thinking about buying the clinque one at £17 but I will be definitely be purchasing some more of this when my runs out. You can also use it as a facial cleanse but I think I'm going to stick with my Clinique 3 step in terms of my whole face. I do think it would be great to take away for the night or the weekend though if I didn't want to pack loads of products and would definitely give it ago on my face. The bottle is rather small too so wouldn't give up much room at all. 

They have loads of products on their website so do have a look by clicking HERE. As you can see I also have these two toothpastes to try so I will keep you updated on how they are going. I'm really liking the look of the Shampoo for greasy hair so I think I'm going to have to place an order myself very soon. Corpore Sano sell produces for your hair, face, body and teeth so you have loads of products to choose from if you wanted to have a try. 

What eye makeup remover do you use? 

Comment below and let me know. I love to hear from all readers. 

Much love 

A x 

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