Monday, November 30

Cocoa Brown: Review

Who is after that amazing Winter glow? I know I sure am, especially now my natural Summer tan has gone and I'm officially the whitest person ever! 

I have worn St. Moriz for years now and although I can't fault the price at £2.99,I just hate the way it come off my skin and it's smell. It never seems to come off nicely and it's got that biscuit smell we all know and hate! When I tried to scrub St.Moriz off in the shower it never seems to want to come off in certain areas like my arm crease and around my neck. Does anyone else have this problem? 

After reading a number of review on Twitter/Instagram about the 'Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan' and 'Toughstuff Scrub' I just had to get my hands on some. Getting my hands on these products were harder than I thought! I literally tried most Superdrugs and Tescos I could think of and I had Cocoa Brown and Tesco tweeting me to check different stores. Thanks again for the help and quick responses. I eventually got some in Superdrug Sunderland woohoo! I made my Dad drive me there on his day off so I could just jump out whilst he parked up. Princess treat or what ha. When I got to Superdrug they had a buy 1 product and get another half price so I was over the moon. I got both products, the tan was £7.99 and the scrub was £4.99 so all together £10.50 ish. 

What I hate most about tanning is when I put it on the night before and it goes all over my white bed sheets. Using the '1 hour tan' has officially sorted this problem. You can leave it on for literally 1 hour and it develops so well. I have used it a few times now and leaving it on a little longer does give that dark tone, obviously just depends how dark you want or how much time you have. Before tanning I would normally moisturise , well not my whole body but definitely my knees, ankle and elbows because I always found that tan normally goes all horrible in them certain areas. This tanning mousse is such a light, smooth and moisture tan so if you forget to moisturise or simple can't be bothered I really doesn't matter. The mousse is honestly so moisturing on your skin and it does that job for you. 

When you are applying the mousse with your mit it is a brown colour just like St.Moriz so you can actually see where you still need to apply. As you can see from these before and after picture, the results are GREAT. I had only left the tan on for just over 1 hour and I was so pleased. In my opinion its a quick and easy way to apply tan before getting in the shower before your night out. I always found if I left the St.Moritz on for a hour or so then washed it off the tan wouldn't stay on, at all. So paying that extra few pounds makes it well worth it. 

Now for the 'Tough Stuff' body scrub. This body scrub is a 3
in 1 body scrub,it prepares skin for Cocoa Brown tan, it removes stubborn old tan and exfoliates your body. I can honestly say it does exactly what it says on the bottle and more. I mean the scrub is pretty and pink and smells amazing what more could a girl WANT! When applying this body scrub I always use a exfoliating bath ball just so I can build up a lather on my skin and the scrub will then cover a bigger area. The scrub doesn't make my skin red or sore it literally just removes any unwanted tan. I have just ran out of this produce and can't wait to restock as I know I will be apply much more tan over the Christmas period. eeeeeeeeek! 1st of December tomorrow how exciting! You can buy Cocoa Brown products from Primark, Superdrug, Tesco and Lloyds Pharmacy. Give it ago, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Here are a few pictures with me wearing Cocoa Brown tan and I honestly don't think I will ever go back to St.Moriz as the results are so natural and it has saved alot of time and effort. Cocoa Brown definitely has made my tanning process much more enjoyable so Thank You.
I would also like to add, the Cocoa Brown twitter account will always respond to your tweets if you have a query or even just for a chat. They really are very lovely. 

Have you tried any of these Cocoa Brown products?

Whats your favourite tan?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x


Wednesday, November 25

Mac Cosmetics Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara: Review

First of all I would just like to say Thank You to everyone on Twitter that has followed me since I started my blog. I have now hit over 1,000 followers and I am over the moon! Also massive Thank You to everyone who took the time to enter my giveaway. Congratulations to Michaela Palmer. I hope you love the products! 

I haven't done a review in a while so I thought I would tell you my honest opinion about the 'Mac Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara. I know it has been out a while and there are other new Mac Mascara but I haven't been using it too long so here goes...

What They Say: M∙A∙C's lightweight whipped formula saturates lashes root to tip, adds volume, extends length and creates curl, while conditioning for softness and flexibility. The final result: extreme dimension that won't smudge, clump or flake. 

What I Say: As you can see from my images my eyelashes with no mascara on them are so light, little dark on the bottom lashes but still not outstanding. I have no idea how as I have the darkest hairs on the rest of my body. Annoying! I like to use mascaras that are BLACK, I don’t like any of this brown/black crackage. I always want my eyes to stand out and to be as black as possible. 

What I dislike: When I started to use this product I thought the wand was awful. When I pulled the wand out of the tube there was always too much on the brush which made my eyelashes all clumpy. Paying £19.00 for the mascara I didn’t want to give up on it. Removing some of the mascara from the brush helped this issue a great deal. Another way to overcome this problem after applying the mascara was to use an empty mascara to comb my lashes through to get rid of any clumps. Effort I KNOW!

What I like: Like I said I didn’t give up on this mascara and now I love it! I love the volume and length the mascara gives. As you can see from the picture my lashes are so much longer and curled. If you have this mascara hidden away, please get it back out and give it another go. After you have used it for a while and the tub isn’t as full it’s much nicer to apply and it really does produce that perfect volume long lashes look. I have a few people lately asking which mascara I used so it must be working eh?

What is your favourite mascara?

I am always wanting to try NEW products so do let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x

Wednesday, November 18

Black Wishlist

Happy Hump Day everyone, I hope you're all well. I was going to write a November Wishlist like everyone else in the blogging world but I was inspired by Lauren Popes inthestyle 'Black is my happy colour' slogan jumper to do a 'Black Wishlist'. If your anything like me and you wear black in the Summer, Autumn and Winter then this post is most definitely for you. 

I don't know what it is I always feel comfortable, feel confident and LOVE wearing anything BLACK. I know people might think 'oh boring' but black goes with any coloured accessory whether is it shoes, earrings, bag, hat, watch..LITERALLY EVERYTHING! AND of course it makes you look slimmer! My favourite black item of all times had to be my Black Joni Topshop jeans, I literally have so many pairs of them aswell as the ones with the rips in the knee (older family members love to crack that ANNOYING joke 'Anna did you get discount on them jeans because you've got holes in them' ha ha ha...NO!). 

During the last week all of these BLACK fashion items and of course beauty items have been added to that endless wishlist of mine. 

1. Aqua By Aqua Diaz Halterneck Knee Length Dress -£135.00. I get regular updates on my emails about aqua clothing and I can't help to have a look even though I know the dresses are a bit out of my price range. When browsing this morning this dress just really stood out to me, I am just loving the halterneck style dresses at the minute! Are you? There are many more black dress on their website short and long so do have a look for them Christmas parties, celebrations, events coming up! 

2. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner - £5.29. I have used so many eyeliner in the past and I just always go back to this cheap little beaut. I have recently ran out so I really need to purchase some of this the next time I'm shopping in Boots. I find the brush just perfect not too thick and not too thin and it always stays on. It dries straight away and doesn't go all over my eyelid like my Mac one does. So annoying when that happens because I always find I have to start all over again because it smudges EVERYWHERE.

3. Eat, Sleep, Nap, Repeat Nightwear Pretty Little Thing - £10 . Everyone that knows me always takes the mick out of the fact I need a nap everyday and I can nap everywhere so this nightwear t - shirt is definitely for me!! I mean who doesn't love a nap even if it is just for 20 minutes. 

4. Marlo Eyelet Ghille Sandals Topshop - £32.00. AS if these sandals are only £32!!! I have loads of shoes but Iv been wanting a pair for ages that can go with jeans and a dressy top for when I go for meals or drinks. I think these would be PERFECT! You can get them in a dark red colour too. 

5. Suede/Leather Clutch Bag Zara - £19.99.  I went into Zara the other day and I think I was in there over an hour looking at all the beautiful items they had to offer. I wanted everything!! I spotted this clutch bag which doesn't look that great in the picture but I promise it is in real life. It is suede on the flap and an all over leather look bag, it also had a strap inside if you were looking to use it for more of a shoulder bag. Suede is in this season so its very ON TREND. 

6. Black Is My Happy Colour Jumper - £19.99. The inspirational jumper! This jumper is from Lauren Popes collection on the inthestyle website. She has just launched some new AW wear alongside Binky and Billie Faiers and this has got to be my favourite slogan jumper out there at the minute. I went to buy it but the small size had SOLD OUT so hopefully I will receive an email soon explaining its back in stock so I can buy it!! Fingers crossed. 

7. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - £25.50.  My auntie give me a little tester of this primer a while back now and I just haven't got around to buy it as its a little pricey on the bank balance. With Christmas coming up I think its a present I'm definitely going to be asking for. I think its nice to get stuff for Christmas you wouldn't normally buy yourself as it makes it extra special. I used the tester primer to make my foundation last longer, it was so smooth on the skin and the coverage was great. The little tester lasted me for ages so you wouldn't have to use alot each time you apply it to your skin.

8. Woman/ Female Zara T shirt - £9.99. I seen this t-shirt in store the other day and I thought it was really cute. Iv been looking for different slogan jumpers and t- shirts for a while and this one really caught my eye as it has little silver sequin on the ( ). You can hardly see it on the picture but I promise it looks nice in real life. Only £9.99 I mean you can't go wrong can you?! Zara have loads of t-shirt similar to this one so do go into their stores or website to have a look. 

There you have it my Black Wishlist. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Let me know if you LOVE or have any of these items?

Lots of love

A x

Friday, November 13

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hey, just another Christmas present post this week to get you thinking about what you might want to buy your Secret Santa or even just the girlies in your life. 

I do 'Secret Santa' with my girls EVERY year, it's a time for everyone to set a date in their diaries for a nice little catch up over the Christmas period and of course exchange gifts. Its going to be extra FAB this year as everyone can actually make it and one of my best friends is back from Dubai woohoo! If your anything like the 7 of us girls you will have probably figured out who has who by the time you exchange gifts anyways. I'm keeping my mouth shut this year so its all a SURPRISE! Lets see how long I last hehe! 

I thought a would do a little post on items you might pick up for your 'Secret Santa' or just generally gifts you might want to purchase. All items are to different budgets £5 and under, £10 and under and £20 and under. I don't know about you but when iv taken part in a 'Secret Santa' its never been over £20. In my opinion I think its a nice amount as normally people have so many others to buy for and it just gets a little out of hand. All of the items I am going to show you are going to be either Fashion or Beauty. I have picked certain items that I have tried or have myself aswell as items I have been advised to purchase! 

If you are wanting to explore any items further online just click the store at the end of each item. It should link you straight to the website so you can find more styles or colours in that certain item.

£5 and under

1. Sleek Lipstick - £4.99 - Boots
2. 3 Pack Lace Thongs -£2.50 - Primark
3. Eylure London Black Natural False Lashes - £4.99 - New Look 
4. Pure Colour Pink Blending Sponge - £3.99 - New Look
5. Leave A Little Sparkle Makeup Bag - £3.99 - New Look
6. Circle Short Necklace - £3.50 - Matalan
7. Navy Gingham Pj Short Set - £5.00 - Primark
8. SEVENTEEN Colour Carnival Nail Colours - £1.99 - Boots 
9. Snake Slip On Pumps - £5.00 - Primark 

£10 and under

1. Camel Multi Check School Scarf - £10.00 - Missguided
2. Lightly Toast Eye Pallet - £10.00 - Missguided
3.Flared Skirt - £9.99 - Zara
4. Soap and Glory/ Bright and Bubbly Gift - £10.00 - Boots
5.Small Shoulder Bag - £7.99 - H&M
6. Cocoa Brown 1 hour Instant Tan Mousse - £7.99 - Superdrug
7. Pom Pom Hat - £10.00 - Missguided 
8. Real Technique Blush Brush - £9.99 - Boots. 
9.Skinny Fit Vest - £6.00 or 2 for £10 - Topshop 

£20 and Under

1. Soft City Bag - £19.99 - Zara
2. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara - £19.50 - Boots
3. Rib Funnel Neck Top - £20 - Topshop
4. MAC Lipstick - £15.50 - Mac
5. Check Scarf - £17.99 - Zara
6. Black Boots - £18.00 - Primark
7. Suede Camel Skirt - £18.00 - TuClothing
8. Clinque Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes, Lip - £17.00 - Debenhams 
9. Mixed Media Messenger Bag - £19.99 - Zara

I hope this post has inspired you to go shopping for your 'Secret Santa', buy a present for a loved one or even add some of these items to your Christmas list. There was so many more items I could have put on this post especially from Zara!! There store/website at the minute has the most AMAZING things! 

Are you doing a Secret Santa this year?

Whats your favourite item on this post?

Let me know by commenting below..HAPPY SHOPPING!

Lots of love 

A x

Thursday, November 12

Mac Cosmetics - Discount

Hello there Mac Lovers and Mac Present Buyers. I have been buying Mac Cosmetics off the Debehams website for years now and everytime I mention it to someone their response is always "Debenhams sell MAC" followed by a shocked face :O. 

I am aware that same Debenhams stores do stock MAC but not all of them. I know this as I live in Tyne and Wear and there is at least 4 Debenhams that don't :(. This is why I was so pleased to come across it on their website. On their website and at this time of year they ALWAYS have 10% off with their Christmas events and Mega deals. So for all you MAC lovers and buyers.Check their website and treat yourself or someone else this Christmas with 10% off..OFFER ENDS SUNDAY!!

One of the reasons I buy MAC and other beauty products from Debenhams is because of their Beauty Reward Card 

What they say:
The Beauty Club Reward Card is a loyalty card that lets you collect points and earn rewards £'s when you shop Beauty, Fragrance & Beauty Electricals in store or online. As a Debenhams Beauty Club member, the VIP treatment doesn't just stop at Points & Rewards! You will also benefit from:

  • FREE makeovers and skincare consultations at your favourite counters
  • FREE delivery when you use your Beauty Club Reward Card online to collect points
  • Opportunities to get BONUS points
  • Exclusive FREE gifts, sample and special offers
  • Regular Beauty Gossip emails packed with the latest beauty news, hot products and exclusives  

  • I currently have £10 worth of Beauty Points on my reward card so I can't wait to spend that on something special and treat myself. 

    Anyways back to the MAC products.. 

    Last night I decided to do some Christmas shopping for others and myself. I bought the Studio Fix Foundation in NW20 (my everyday wear), a lipstick in Taupe, a Spice lip pencil and a Extreme Dimension Lash mascara in Extreme Black. The mascara is for my Mam for Christmas, she has been hinting for one for ages as she always comments on how long my lashes look. All of the other items are for Christmas from my Dad to me. I know what your thinking...your buying your own Christmas presents? But you know what Dads are like they DON'T HAVE A CLUE what to buy people.  

    MAC never have money off their products and if they do its normally a student night at the big department stores and the queves are just RIDICULOUS. The Debenhams website literally have all the essentials so do have a cheeky look. The Debenhams website is very easy to get around and you can get Free Standard Delivery over £30 or collect in store for Free. 

    My favourite MAC produce at the minute is the Mineralize Skinfinish 'GIVE ME SUN'. I have started applying fake tan more now that Summer has officially gone so this powder helps to blend my face with my body as I don't wear fake tan on my face. It also means I don't have to buy a darker foundation. This compact has a mirror inside too so it is good to keep it your bag to keep topping up through the day.

    Not only do Debenhams have 10% discount off MAC but also other beauty and fragrance products. If you read my blog you will know I have wanted to buy one of these palettes to  practicing doing a 'Smoky Eye' .So of course I bought one, I went for the brand NEW Urban Decay Smoky Eye Naked Palette. Originally £38 down to £34.20! I am so EXCITED to get this produce for Christmas off my Dad. Hopefully I will become a pro at it and start sharing all my looks here on my blog. Fingers crossed. 

    Debenhams are also adding a freebie in when you buy 2 beauty products it's called the 'mystery gift'! I will keep you all updated on what I get! I hope it's fab!

    So there you have it my little MAC Cosmetic discount saver. Grab your 10% off before SUNDAY! GO GO GOOOOOOO!!

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Keep an eye out on the website because they always have 10% during other mega sale not just Christmas. 

    Let me know if you buy yourself anything or get some Christmas presents. I would love to hear from you.

    Happy Shopping

    Lots of love

    A x


    Monday, November 9

    Weekend Away

    I have literally just had the BEST weekend celebrating one of my best friends 26th birthday! eeeeeeek so scary Lucy is the first to turn 26 out of the girlies..we are getting SO OLD. If only we could of stayed 18 forever eh? Anyways my friend Lucy now lives in Milton Keynes, she moved with her boyfriend to pursure their careers and have recently bought there very first house together! EXCITING stuff! It was my first time visit her new house so I was extra excited for this weekend.

    We arrived at Milton Keynes quite late on the Friday night so we just stayed in, eating, drinking vino and catching up.  Lucy boyfriend Tom made us some chilli nachos and nibbles Iv gotta say they were YUM! 

    The Saturday we had a bit of a lie in (well some of us) and then we decided to go shopping for cocktail ingredients and of course lunch. oh and before all of this I had to try my 'tough stuff' Cocoa Brown scrub in prep for tanning later on in the day. The results were just AMAZING. Down to the colour, the smell and of course how well my old tan came off my body. Honestly, Iv always struggled to get my tan off so I'm so glad I have found this product. (I will be writing a full review on this soon so keep a look out)

    We went to Las Iguanas for lunch as Lucy had received a birthday email about getting her main meal free and of course we couldn't miss out on Happy Hour cocktails 2 for 1. We got nachos (again I know) and patatas bravas with smoky chipotle sauce & creamy aiol for starter. For main I got a coconut curry dish and some of the girls when for enchiladas and skewers ! JUST YUM. Again we had a nice little catch up and tried to make some up coming plans for the Christmas period when we will all be together together. If its your birthday soon and are wanting to go to Las Iguanas remember to sign up for your free birthday meal! 

    After filling our stomachs and collecting all our cocktail ingredients it was time to head home and get ready. 5 girls getting ready at can only imagine the chaos. I think Lucys boyfriend hated us for taking over their bedroom, you literally couldn't see the floor for all the clothes, makeup, tan etc (Sorry Tom). Before putting my makeup on of course I had to try out my new Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR tan. I wanted to have a really natural look so didn't leave it on overnight or any longer than 1 hour before I washed it off. The results were just BEYOND AMAZING! I know the picture below isn't great but I forgot to take a before picture in the day light (whoops) I'm going to do an officially Cocoa Brown review soon though so I will get a better picture I promise. 

    Now for my outfit. If you have been keeping up to date with my blog you will know I placed my first order with Commoda Clothing and I bought the 'Mita Dress' and the 'Lorna Dress'. I wore the Mita Dress to an engagement party and I was still dying to find the perfect occasion to wear the 'Lorna Dress'. The 'Lorna Dress' is suede material and a lovely Khaki colour so very on trend this AW. I wore it on Saturday and I loved it! I termed it up with a black clutch from h&m and my caged Zara black heels. I felt as though the dress was a little big at the sides but I think if I went any small it would of been shorter and a little tight around the stomach area. The dress was so comfort and the girls all commented on how much they liked it! For £24 I was really happy with the dress and how it looked. 

    Sorry I didn't manage to get a good picture of the back detail. You can see it a little bit in this photo as we were just about to toast Lucy's Birthday! It is a very simple tie at the back and you can decided how tight or loose you would like it. I can't wait to wear this dress again maybe with my leather jacket, tights and a pair of winter boots!

    We had a great time making cocktails and socialising with Lucy friends from Milton Keynes before heading to Pink Punter to dance the night away (literally) oh and play pool! Yes a pool table in a club and I have to admit my friend Sarah and myself were terrible. Lets just say it was the amount of alcohol we had! Any excuse eh? My favourite cocktail we made has got to be 'That is it' which included:

    Cracker ice
    2 measures gin
    1 measure tripe sec
    2 measure lemon juice
    1 egg white. 

    The morning after the night before. I am one of the them girls who always get the worst hangovers ever but it was Lucy actually birthday on the Sunday and we were going to Dinner so I knew I had to just MAN UP. It was a struggle at first but after demolishing this roast beef dinner at The Navigation Inn I felt great. I don't have a picture of the scotch egg and starters we ate but I have to admit the scotch egg was out of this world! The place itself was so cosy too and looks onto the cute. If you're in Milton Keynes or visiting anyone around this area definitely pop in to have a look for yourself. 

    Overall, the weekend was so much fun and I cant wait to visit Lucy and Tom again soon!! It was lovely to spend time with the girls and have a good catch up, just a pity not everyone could make it. Thanks again guys for putting up with us and Happy 26th Birthday Lucy! 

    Hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend in Milton Keynes. 

    What do you think of the Commoda Clothing Suede Dress?

    What your favourite cocktail?

    Let me know by commenting below.

    Lots of Love

    A x


    Wednesday, November 4

    Perfect Primark Purchases

    Primark. That place everyone hates going in but yet LOVES IT at the same time! well if its not you, its definitely me. I worked in French Connection for 6 years and I just loved how neat and tidy it was so Primark stresses me out a little in terms of that. BUT YES I do love a bargain like anyone else and I always try and go in every so often to pick some up. With me living in Washington Tyne and Wear there are a few Primark that I can visit. Metrocentre Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland and I have to say the Newcastle one is the best as it has three floors and always seems to have my sizes. 

    Over the last few months I have been picking up some 'Perfect Primark Purchases' so I thought I would share some of the items with you. Oh and I also picked up some items from the homeware section.

    First of all CLOTHES,CLOTHES, CLOTHES! As you can see I have a fair few items to show you and I just want to apologies now if I get the price wrong as Iv worn a fair few of these already and totally forgot how much I payed. I'm sure I won't be far off the price and you know it's not going to be too expensive anyways its Primark!

    So this most amazing woolen camel coat cost £30. At the end of September I bought this coat in the size 10 but I got it home and it was massive on me. Of course I had to return it but they didn't have any other sizes HUMPH! Anyways I went shopping in Sunderland with my mam and auntie the other week and I was trying on coats in H&M and Topshop that were camel and I just couldn't decided which one I like and to be honest I didn't want to pay the prices. On the way back to the car we decided to look in Primark and THERE it was at the front of the eyes 'THEE CAMEL can only imagine how excited I was. There was no size 8 (my normal size) so my mam suggested I should tried the size 6 and it was PERFEEEEEEEEEEEECT! It was the last one aswell so I just knew it was meant to be. I have only worn this once when I went for food for my Dads birthday last week but it was so cosy and I think its definitely a coat I'm going to get my wear out of. The coat looks great open, with the belt and with the belt tied at the back. BUY it and you choose your style! 

    Grey Polo Neck Jumper costing £14. When I set eyes on this jumper I just had to get it! I'm loving polo necks at the minute. I went for the size 8 and its a lovely fit. One downfall about this jumper is the first time I wore it it was really itchy but after one wash it was perfectly fine, so don't let it put you off if you're trying it on in the fitting rooms. You can also get this jumper in green but I already have a green Topshop knitted jumper so went for the grey. 

    Black oversize cardigan £12 I think (Sorry). Size Small. MY MUST HAVE AW15/16 essential. This cardigan is just one of them you can throw on over anything and its just so cosy. It does have 3/4 sleeves but I like it how they fold over giving that extra bit of detail. 

    Black and White strippy T - shirt. £7 (I think) This is a lovely material and really comfortable on your skin. It does have a split up both side of the T-shirt so I'v been wearing it with my high waisted Topshop Joni Jeans and very little skin is on show by doing this. It looks perfect under the camel coat too.

     BARGAIN BUY! Camel and Plum Polo Neck Jumpers costing £6! I bought these jumpers in a size 10 because when I picked them up from the basic selection where all of the jumpers are folded they looked rather small in length. I am quite tall and I just hate it when tops creep up especially with this winter weather coming, don't want my skin showing. I mean for £6 you can't say no. Alot of the Topshop polo necker jumpers are around £20 and above. You can get these jumpers in green, black and grey also. 

     Another stripey number. This one has 3/4 length sleeves with a split up both sides of the T- shirt. It is longer in length at the back so covers your bum area. I have worn this a few times as its an easy throw on kinda top that looks great with jeans of any style. 

     eeeeeeek! Another coat but I couldn't resist such a good buy at £23. It is a light wearing smart coat with a belt tie and four buttons on the front. PERFECT for work or going for drinks to smarten up your outfit and of course to keep you warm. 

    Camel Cape. One size. Costing £10.  I have always wanted to buy a cape so I can wear it with a polo neck in the winter. Last year I can remember seeing loads of people rocking the cape look with a polo neck, high neck boots and fedora hat and I just LOVED IT.

    Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I always go in Primark and look at the ballerina shoes and think BORRRRINNGGG! However I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these black pointed shoes with a belted detail for £14. Of course..I just had to get them. I have worn these shoes to death already, they're so comfortable and I often get people asking me where they are them.  Only thing I hate about these shoes are they're different to fasten for some reason so I get someone to help me, normally James and he gets so annoyed! Whoops! Princess treatment please ha!

    Enough of fashion for a minute I have to show you my 'Homeware Bargain' I have bought just to give my second room (Yes second room as I don't have enough room for my clothes and shoes) that extra bit of cuteness. 

    This cut out heart shaped hanging decor £1.50. I also have one of these hanging at the side of the bed. Just adorable!

    Heart Picture Frame -  £5 - I haven't got around to putting pictures in yet but I kinda thing its cute just like that. MY room is purple so it matches really well. 
    Candles -  The purple/pink bubble candle was £2.50 and the little heart one was £1! BARGAIN BUYS to make my room complete.

    So there you have it my PERFECT PRIMARK PURCHASES for my AW15/16 wardrobe and a few bits from their homeware section for my room. I'm sure I will be adding alot more stuff from Primark to my wardrobe and I will be sure to keep you updated. I'm going to Milton Keynes to visit one of my best friend this weekend and will be definitely be taking photos of me wear some of these items. I will keep you post about what I'v termed them up with.

    What's your favourite item you're bought from Primark lately?

    Do you love the Primark homeware section like me?

    Let me know by commenting below

    Lots of love

    A x 

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