Wednesday, November 18

Black Wishlist

Happy Hump Day everyone, I hope you're all well. I was going to write a November Wishlist like everyone else in the blogging world but I was inspired by Lauren Popes inthestyle 'Black is my happy colour' slogan jumper to do a 'Black Wishlist'. If your anything like me and you wear black in the Summer, Autumn and Winter then this post is most definitely for you. 

I don't know what it is I always feel comfortable, feel confident and LOVE wearing anything BLACK. I know people might think 'oh boring' but black goes with any coloured accessory whether is it shoes, earrings, bag, hat, watch..LITERALLY EVERYTHING! AND of course it makes you look slimmer! My favourite black item of all times had to be my Black Joni Topshop jeans, I literally have so many pairs of them aswell as the ones with the rips in the knee (older family members love to crack that ANNOYING joke 'Anna did you get discount on them jeans because you've got holes in them' ha ha ha...NO!). 

During the last week all of these BLACK fashion items and of course beauty items have been added to that endless wishlist of mine. 

1. Aqua By Aqua Diaz Halterneck Knee Length Dress -£135.00. I get regular updates on my emails about aqua clothing and I can't help to have a look even though I know the dresses are a bit out of my price range. When browsing this morning this dress just really stood out to me, I am just loving the halterneck style dresses at the minute! Are you? There are many more black dress on their website short and long so do have a look for them Christmas parties, celebrations, events coming up! 

2. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner - £5.29. I have used so many eyeliner in the past and I just always go back to this cheap little beaut. I have recently ran out so I really need to purchase some of this the next time I'm shopping in Boots. I find the brush just perfect not too thick and not too thin and it always stays on. It dries straight away and doesn't go all over my eyelid like my Mac one does. So annoying when that happens because I always find I have to start all over again because it smudges EVERYWHERE.

3. Eat, Sleep, Nap, Repeat Nightwear Pretty Little Thing - £10 . Everyone that knows me always takes the mick out of the fact I need a nap everyday and I can nap everywhere so this nightwear t - shirt is definitely for me!! I mean who doesn't love a nap even if it is just for 20 minutes. 

4. Marlo Eyelet Ghille Sandals Topshop - £32.00. AS if these sandals are only £32!!! I have loads of shoes but Iv been wanting a pair for ages that can go with jeans and a dressy top for when I go for meals or drinks. I think these would be PERFECT! You can get them in a dark red colour too. 

5. Suede/Leather Clutch Bag Zara - £19.99.  I went into Zara the other day and I think I was in there over an hour looking at all the beautiful items they had to offer. I wanted everything!! I spotted this clutch bag which doesn't look that great in the picture but I promise it is in real life. It is suede on the flap and an all over leather look bag, it also had a strap inside if you were looking to use it for more of a shoulder bag. Suede is in this season so its very ON TREND. 

6. Black Is My Happy Colour Jumper - £19.99. The inspirational jumper! This jumper is from Lauren Popes collection on the inthestyle website. She has just launched some new AW wear alongside Binky and Billie Faiers and this has got to be my favourite slogan jumper out there at the minute. I went to buy it but the small size had SOLD OUT so hopefully I will receive an email soon explaining its back in stock so I can buy it!! Fingers crossed. 

7. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - £25.50.  My auntie give me a little tester of this primer a while back now and I just haven't got around to buy it as its a little pricey on the bank balance. With Christmas coming up I think its a present I'm definitely going to be asking for. I think its nice to get stuff for Christmas you wouldn't normally buy yourself as it makes it extra special. I used the tester primer to make my foundation last longer, it was so smooth on the skin and the coverage was great. The little tester lasted me for ages so you wouldn't have to use alot each time you apply it to your skin.

8. Woman/ Female Zara T shirt - £9.99. I seen this t-shirt in store the other day and I thought it was really cute. Iv been looking for different slogan jumpers and t- shirts for a while and this one really caught my eye as it has little silver sequin on the ( ). You can hardly see it on the picture but I promise it looks nice in real life. Only £9.99 I mean you can't go wrong can you?! Zara have loads of t-shirt similar to this one so do go into their stores or website to have a look. 

There you have it my Black Wishlist. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Let me know if you LOVE or have any of these items?

Lots of love

A x

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