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Perfect Primark Purchases

Primark. That place everyone hates going in but yet LOVES IT at the same time! well if its not you, its definitely me. I worked in French Connection for 6 years and I just loved how neat and tidy it was so Primark stresses me out a little in terms of that. BUT YES I do love a bargain like anyone else and I always try and go in every so often to pick some up. With me living in Washington Tyne and Wear there are a few Primark that I can visit. Metrocentre Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland and I have to say the Newcastle one is the best as it has three floors and always seems to have my sizes. 

Over the last few months I have been picking up some 'Perfect Primark Purchases' so I thought I would share some of the items with you. Oh and I also picked up some items from the homeware section.

First of all CLOTHES,CLOTHES, CLOTHES! As you can see I have a fair few items to show you and I just want to apologies now if I get the price wrong as Iv worn a fair few of these already and totally forgot how much I payed. I'm sure I won't be far off the price and you know it's not going to be too expensive anyways its Primark!

So this most amazing woolen camel coat cost £30. At the end of September I bought this coat in the size 10 but I got it home and it was massive on me. Of course I had to return it but they didn't have any other sizes HUMPH! Anyways I went shopping in Sunderland with my mam and auntie the other week and I was trying on coats in H&M and Topshop that were camel and I just couldn't decided which one I like and to be honest I didn't want to pay the prices. On the way back to the car we decided to look in Primark and THERE it was at the front of the eyes 'THEE CAMEL can only imagine how excited I was. There was no size 8 (my normal size) so my mam suggested I should tried the size 6 and it was PERFEEEEEEEEEEEECT! It was the last one aswell so I just knew it was meant to be. I have only worn this once when I went for food for my Dads birthday last week but it was so cosy and I think its definitely a coat I'm going to get my wear out of. The coat looks great open, with the belt and with the belt tied at the back. BUY it and you choose your style! 

Grey Polo Neck Jumper costing £14. When I set eyes on this jumper I just had to get it! I'm loving polo necks at the minute. I went for the size 8 and its a lovely fit. One downfall about this jumper is the first time I wore it it was really itchy but after one wash it was perfectly fine, so don't let it put you off if you're trying it on in the fitting rooms. You can also get this jumper in green but I already have a green Topshop knitted jumper so went for the grey. 

Black oversize cardigan £12 I think (Sorry). Size Small. MY MUST HAVE AW15/16 essential. This cardigan is just one of them you can throw on over anything and its just so cosy. It does have 3/4 sleeves but I like it how they fold over giving that extra bit of detail. 

Black and White strippy T - shirt. £7 (I think) This is a lovely material and really comfortable on your skin. It does have a split up both side of the T-shirt so I'v been wearing it with my high waisted Topshop Joni Jeans and very little skin is on show by doing this. It looks perfect under the camel coat too.

 BARGAIN BUY! Camel and Plum Polo Neck Jumpers costing £6! I bought these jumpers in a size 10 because when I picked them up from the basic selection where all of the jumpers are folded they looked rather small in length. I am quite tall and I just hate it when tops creep up especially with this winter weather coming, don't want my skin showing. I mean for £6 you can't say no. Alot of the Topshop polo necker jumpers are around £20 and above. You can get these jumpers in green, black and grey also. 

 Another stripey number. This one has 3/4 length sleeves with a split up both sides of the T- shirt. It is longer in length at the back so covers your bum area. I have worn this a few times as its an easy throw on kinda top that looks great with jeans of any style. 

 eeeeeeek! Another coat but I couldn't resist such a good buy at £23. It is a light wearing smart coat with a belt tie and four buttons on the front. PERFECT for work or going for drinks to smarten up your outfit and of course to keep you warm. 

Camel Cape. One size. Costing £10.  I have always wanted to buy a cape so I can wear it with a polo neck in the winter. Last year I can remember seeing loads of people rocking the cape look with a polo neck, high neck boots and fedora hat and I just LOVED IT.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I always go in Primark and look at the ballerina shoes and think BORRRRINNGGG! However I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these black pointed shoes with a belted detail for £14. Of course..I just had to get them. I have worn these shoes to death already, they're so comfortable and I often get people asking me where they are them.  Only thing I hate about these shoes are they're different to fasten for some reason so I get someone to help me, normally James and he gets so annoyed! Whoops! Princess treatment please ha!

Enough of fashion for a minute I have to show you my 'Homeware Bargain' I have bought just to give my second room (Yes second room as I don't have enough room for my clothes and shoes) that extra bit of cuteness. 

This cut out heart shaped hanging decor £1.50. I also have one of these hanging at the side of the bed. Just adorable!

Heart Picture Frame -  £5 - I haven't got around to putting pictures in yet but I kinda thing its cute just like that. MY room is purple so it matches really well. 
Candles -  The purple/pink bubble candle was £2.50 and the little heart one was £1! BARGAIN BUYS to make my room complete.

So there you have it my PERFECT PRIMARK PURCHASES for my AW15/16 wardrobe and a few bits from their homeware section for my room. I'm sure I will be adding alot more stuff from Primark to my wardrobe and I will be sure to keep you updated. I'm going to Milton Keynes to visit one of my best friend this weekend and will be definitely be taking photos of me wear some of these items. I will keep you post about what I'v termed them up with.

What's your favourite item you're bought from Primark lately?

Do you love the Primark homeware section like me?

Let me know by commenting below

Lots of love

A x 



  1. I love primark love this post but I'm starting to love primark home more since it's coming up to Christmas now! Cali x

    1. Thank you lovely! I know they have the cutest Christmas stuff I got some more candles on Friday. I couldn't resist. Xxx


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