Monday, February 29

Dry Shampoo: Batiste Vs Aussie: Review

Today's blog post is all about dry shampoo, well two in particular 'Aussie' and 'Batiste'. I know these produces have both been out a while now but I thought my readers would find this information variable, especially if you haven't tried 'Aussie' before, like myself. 

Let's start with a little bit of background info about myself. I am that girl that used to wash her hair everyday! I know what your thinking, it's BAD for you! BUT I just loved how fresh it looked and people have always commented on the amazing condition of my hair. So it couldn't of been that bad right? 

How times have changed! In the last few months, adult life has taken over and having them extra 30 minutes in bed is just a DREAM! Also last week I dyed my hair for the first time to get rid of a few grey hairs that keep poking out so I have been on the search, to stock up on some dry shampoo. 

When I think of dry shampoo the first thing I think about is 'Batiste'. I have of course used this brand before when going to festivals or on a nights out to give my hair an extra bit of volume. Batiste are always bringing new packaging and smells out and I've got to admit it literally does what it says on the tin. Instant, Hair, Refresh. A few sprays and tardaaaaaa you feel like a new woman, well after you've brush it all through your hair. I normally apply more around the hair next to my ears and on the top of my hair where it gets the most greasy. I've never had a problem with this product. Have you? This bright and lively floral bottle is one of my current favourites, it smells so nice and the tin design is really getting me excited for Spring/Summer. 

Although I am a massive fan of 'Batiste', I thought I would give 'Aussie' miracle dry shampoo ago as it was on offer in Boots for around the £2.50 mark. I absolutely love their shampoo especially the smell of it. With this in mind, I thought their dry shampoo has got to be a winner to. OH how I was WRONG. I went for the 'Aussome volume' as I always find my hair lacks volume the best of times. I shook the can well before use but it came out as a very sticky water not a powder. It made my hair look like a greasy chip pan and even waste when I began to brush it. The smell was amazing but the product itself was terrible. Of course I had to go to work that day with my hair looking this way as I didn't have enough time to wash it. I really don't know if the product had been on the shelf too long but surely stores should check this before selling right? After telling one of my friends about the product, she also had the same problem. I am rather shocked to say the least and I won't be wasting my money again on this product. 

I will be definitely sticking to 'Batiste' from now on. How cute are the little miniatures you can pick up for around £1.50, just to pop in your handbag incase you need to top up throughout the day. Adorable!  

What's your favourite dry shampoo? I would love to try others but feel a bit let down if there going to be anything like the 'Aussie' one. 

Let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear from you all.

lots of love 

A x


Tuesday, February 23

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Brushegg: Review

Like everyday, I spend myself browsing through Instagram and coming across so many things I would like to purchase. I happened to come across this super cute brush - cleaning tool called  the 'brushegg'. After browsing on Ebay and realising it was only going to cost £0.99, I had to get my hands on one. 

How to clean

After you have purchased your 'brushegg', you need to get yourself some baby shampoo. I went for Johnson's but only because I liked the sound of 'with a touch of lavender' and the fact the bottle was purple. Sad..I know! But any baby shampoo will do, think this bottle was around the £2 mark.

  • Firstly, wet your makeup brush with some lukewarm water and apply some baby shampoo to the brushegg. 

  • Secondly, rubbing your brush where you have apply the shampoo, moving it in different directions. You will begin to see all the makeup and dirty come out of the brush. Make sure you stand over a sink as it can make a bit of a mess. 
  • Keep rubbing your brush onto the brushegg until no makeup is visual anymore. As you can see on the brushegg there is a large lined section and a small dotty section. I used my bigger brushes e.g foundation, blusher, powder etc on the lined section and my lip and eye brushes to the dotty smaller surface. 

  • After all of the makeup is out of your brushes, carefully place your brushes onto the radiator and allow them to dry over night.

  • TAAAAADAAAA...Check out the before and after pictures. How amazing! They literally feel and look like brand new makeup brushes on my skin. I couldn't be happier with this product and for £0.99, I can't recommend this product enough. Get yourself one girlies and try it yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed.

I know you can get the 'brusheggs' from different  websites which will be much quicker but I just purchased off Ebay . It did take around 2 weeks to come but for £0.99, who can complain. Oh and you can get them in different colours black, white, pink, mint green, blue, purple, and yellow! Getting choosing your favourite girlies. 

What do you think of my clean brushes?

What do you use to clean yours?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x

Sunday, February 21

The Wardrobe Edit

I've been trying so hard to not buy myself any clothes these last few months as I'm trying to save! BUT of course, I eventually gave in and brought a few things to add to my wardrobe. I think it's always hard to add things to your wardrobe when it's still so cold outside but the shops are now getting all their SS16 clothes in. I've add a few piece I feel that I can transition through to SS16! So lets see what you all think..

Zara Black Bomber Jacket
I don't know about you but I can't go into Zara without wanting to buy the WHOLE shop. I know the sizes can make you feel about 100000 stone because they're normally small fitting but their clothes are so classy and beautiful.
I have been wanting a bomber jacket for ages but I don't really enjoy the orange lining, you get in alot of the bomber jackets out there. When I seen this plain black bomber jacket..I just had to get it! The jacket was £29.99 from the basic section of Zara, it has a silver zip straight up the front and is it very light weight with two little pockets on each side. You can definitely wear this casual or dress it up which is another reason I had to purchase. 

Zara Black Ripped Jeans 
I have a pair of Topshop Joni skinny jeans with rips in the knees but I wanted a pair with rips EVERYWHERE! I was lucky enough to get this pair in the Zara sale for £9.99 they're so comfortable and I literally haven't had them off my bum. Zara sale is still on girlies so do have a look see if you can pick up a bargain of your own. 

Primark White Shirt
This white shirt is EVERYTHING! Such an easy throw on with jeans, trousers, shorts, tucked in, hanging loose and in my opinion perfect for SS16 transition. Although, it does have the square holed detail all over the top, the large white strips and white pockets makes it less see through when you have it on. When wearing this shirt with a white bra, I don't feel uncomfortable at all but I'm sure if you wore a white vest top under it would still look lovely. Aswell you can wear the shirt long sleeved or roll it up like displayed in the picture.

I just LOVE it, I have worn it a few times already and without fail someone asking where it's from. People are amazed when I say Primark £12. 

It really reminds me of the self portrait design because of the random holed detail. When on Asos, I always lust over buying and wearing one of the self portrait dresses but the price is a bit much for a night out in town with the girlies. Hopefully, one day a special occasion will come along and I will be able to splash out on one of these beauts. 

Primark Black Studded Sandals 
Yes I know, it's still sooooooo cold outside so these won't be coming out of my wardrobe anytime soon but I am such a sucker for gold studs. I think these will look super cute in the summer with some black shades, my black mom shorts and a summer top! At £8, I had to get them! BARGAIN! 

Adolescent  Slogan Tee 'Girl Gang'
I LOVE a slogan tee, especially all of Adolescent Clothing ones.

Been a daily ASOS browser, I am always checking out their tee's and adding them to my LOVE list. I have so many in there but this tee was my FAV! It looks great with my black skinny jeans and converse when I'm rocking that casual look. I also can't wait to wear it with my white jeans or tucked into denim shorts during the Summer.. I think you should be all very proud of me too, it's pink! I NEVER wear pink, I'm such a black is my happy colour kinda girl. 

Primark Black Backpack 
Lastly, this black backpack, I know black again I'm sorrrrrwiiii but black just goes with everything and I NEEDED a new one. I broke my last backpack at T in the Park last Summer and I was literally devastated. I think backpacks are just so handy around Summer time if you're going for little walkies, picnics and of course festival because you can fit so much in them. I love the silver bucket detail and how many pockets this one has and at £12, who can say no? 

I hope you've liked reading this post. I will be adding a February wishlist to my blog this week so keep a look out, I promise it will have a little more colour in it. 

What have you been buying recently?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

A x

Wednesday, February 17

Longsands Fish Kitchen: Tynemouth: Review

Another blog post..another foodie review! One of my favourite things to do is to go out for food with my friends,family and my boyfriend James. James works away through the week so on a weekend we try to spend as much time as possible together and have cute little days out. A few weeks ago we had a lush day out in Tynemouth walking around the beach and of course eating food.  

After walking along the beach we really fancied Fish and Chips. We search along Tynemouth front street for the perfect place and came across 'Longsands Fish Kitchen'. It was so busy so of course, I had to see what all the fuss was about. It had a little takeout part attached to the restaurant but I was freezing after walking along the beach so I persuaded James to go into the restaurant. 

The restaurant was really busy but the waitress explained if we waited around 20 minutes there would be a table free. Of course, we waited. I was taken in by the clean, whitewashed walls, bright lighting and cute little marble top bar in the middle of the restaurant. After been handed a menu and seeing all the food come out of the kitchen, I was eager to sit down and tuck in myself. 

Although the menu has a wide variety of fish choices: mussels, lobster, salmon, prawn, shrimp etc. I knew I just wanted something from the traditional part of the menu. I'm not really a fish lover HOWEVER when it comes to battered fish, I'm obsessed! In my house it's a traditional to get fish and chips from the local shop every Friday! I've been trying to avoid it since starting to eat the leanin15 meals mind but everyone deserves a treat every now and again right?

I decided go to for the traditional cod and chips and of course with mush peas on the side. FAV! James hummed and hard for a fair few minutes about what to get because he likes all types of fish but aswell went for the cod and chips but instead curry sauce. The waitress that served us was very friendly and food was served in a flash considering it was mid day on a Saturday.  

The portions that came were huge and it really was 
mouthwatering. I tried my best to finish it all but I was ready to exploded. James of course couldn't let it go to waste so polished mine off to. I have to admit although I did get the mushy peas, the curry sauce was AMAZING! I kept dipping my chips into James's sauce when he wasn't looking. Whoops! The chips were cooked to perfection and the fish melted in your mouth. The batter was so nice and crispy with no grease at all. For all you vegetarians out their 'Longsands' doesn't use beef dripping in their oil so all their fried food is also suitable for you to. BONUS! 

Although my first thoughts were when looking at the menu, the fish and chips were quite expensive at £7.50. The taste, the serves, the portions size and the restaurant really was spot on and well worth the cost. 

'Longsands Fish Kitchen' was an awesome little find and I literally couldn't fault it. I can't wait to visit again soon and bring my dad along, he's a sucker for fish and chips. I might have to come on an empty stomach to fit in one of their desserts aswell mind. The 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream sounds AMAZINNNNNNNNNNG! 

We parked near to the aquarium so we had a long walk back to the car but what better way to burn off the food and take in the beautiful views of Tynemouth.

If your visit Newcastle and looking to plan your visit, Tynemouth is such a cute place to come and explore. It's about 20 minutes from the City Centre in the car and you can get a train which stops actually at Tynemouth. There are so many lovely walks, shops, places to eat and the beach is super nice. 

Are you a fish lover?

Have you been to 'Longsands Fish Kitchen' before? 

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

A x 


Monday, February 15

Turtle Bay Newcastle: Review

Heyyyy, heyyy, heyyyy! How are we all? First of all I would like to apologise for my lack of blog posts recently. I have been so busy and haven't had time to sit down and ramble away behind my laptop. It's now half term and if you didn't know already, I am a primary school teacher so I have this week off to chill. Yeyyy!! I will be trying to upload a post a day this week so keep an eye out. 

What better way to start half term then having food and drinks with my bestie Sarah (who is also a teacher) at a brand new restaurant in Newcastle called 'Turtle Bay'. I have been for cocktails before at 'Turtle Bay' in York but I have never tried their food menu. I couldn’t wait to get booked in when hearing that there was one coming to Newcastle. Turtle Bay opened to the public on the 9th of February and I was lucky enough to get a table on the 11th

Turtle Bay is a cocktail bar and restaurant with beach shack décor, Caribbean twist pop tunes and as you can probably guess Caribbean food.

Myself and my friend were greeted at the front of the restaurant by a very friendly man who kindly asked us where we would like to sit. We choose to sit at the back of the restaurant next to the beach shack décor which I can add looks amazing.

The menu is heavily seasoned with dishes that use Jamaican Jerk so if you like spice food this restaurant is definitely for you. As the restaurant has just opened, the staff members must be still getting used to the menu. We asked for a few recommendations and the waitress seemed to only mention some of the toasted sandwiches which we weren’t very keen on, as we were looking for something a bit bigger with it been an evening meal.

After browsing the menu for a few minutes, of course we ordered a few cocktails to start our night off. We went for the ‘Bay Bramble’ and ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the cocktails but I promise they looked and tasted yum. We couldn’t get them down fast enough…teacher life eh?!  Cocktails are £6.95 each however if you choose to visit during happy hour (before 7 and after 10) you will received 2 - 4 – 1 on any cocktails. Dreamy deal!

We both decided to go for a starter. I went for the duck rolls and Sarah went for the chilli fried squid. We both literally couldn’t fault them, the portions were huge and both tasted delicious.

For main we went for the BBQ Pork Belly and Mo Bay Chicken both served with Caribbean slaw and sweet potato fries. All dishes are served with the choice of rice ‘n’ peas, sweet potato mash, sweet potato fries, spiced fries or a beach salad. 

I have to admit we were both quite full after our starters but we powered through as the food was very tasty, both having a little spicy kick. 

The Caribbean tunes in the restaurant really give a great atmosphere and made our evening even more enjoyable (we couldn't help but sing along). I will be definitely coming back to 'Turtle Bay' for food as I couldn't fault the food portions or taste. I have already planned to go for cocktails with the girls soon as the sitting area around the bar looks as inviting as the cocktail menu.

If your wanting somewhere new to try in Newcastle or visiting for the weekend, I promise 'Turtle Bay' won't disappoint. It is just along from the 'Gate' on Newgate Street which is very central in town. 

Do you like spicy food?

What do you think of the beach shack look?

Please comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Much love

A x

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