Sunday, February 21

The Wardrobe Edit

I've been trying so hard to not buy myself any clothes these last few months as I'm trying to save! BUT of course, I eventually gave in and brought a few things to add to my wardrobe. I think it's always hard to add things to your wardrobe when it's still so cold outside but the shops are now getting all their SS16 clothes in. I've add a few piece I feel that I can transition through to SS16! So lets see what you all think..

Zara Black Bomber Jacket
I don't know about you but I can't go into Zara without wanting to buy the WHOLE shop. I know the sizes can make you feel about 100000 stone because they're normally small fitting but their clothes are so classy and beautiful.
I have been wanting a bomber jacket for ages but I don't really enjoy the orange lining, you get in alot of the bomber jackets out there. When I seen this plain black bomber jacket..I just had to get it! The jacket was £29.99 from the basic section of Zara, it has a silver zip straight up the front and is it very light weight with two little pockets on each side. You can definitely wear this casual or dress it up which is another reason I had to purchase. 

Zara Black Ripped Jeans 
I have a pair of Topshop Joni skinny jeans with rips in the knees but I wanted a pair with rips EVERYWHERE! I was lucky enough to get this pair in the Zara sale for £9.99 they're so comfortable and I literally haven't had them off my bum. Zara sale is still on girlies so do have a look see if you can pick up a bargain of your own. 

Primark White Shirt
This white shirt is EVERYTHING! Such an easy throw on with jeans, trousers, shorts, tucked in, hanging loose and in my opinion perfect for SS16 transition. Although, it does have the square holed detail all over the top, the large white strips and white pockets makes it less see through when you have it on. When wearing this shirt with a white bra, I don't feel uncomfortable at all but I'm sure if you wore a white vest top under it would still look lovely. Aswell you can wear the shirt long sleeved or roll it up like displayed in the picture.

I just LOVE it, I have worn it a few times already and without fail someone asking where it's from. People are amazed when I say Primark £12. 

It really reminds me of the self portrait design because of the random holed detail. When on Asos, I always lust over buying and wearing one of the self portrait dresses but the price is a bit much for a night out in town with the girlies. Hopefully, one day a special occasion will come along and I will be able to splash out on one of these beauts. 

Primark Black Studded Sandals 
Yes I know, it's still sooooooo cold outside so these won't be coming out of my wardrobe anytime soon but I am such a sucker for gold studs. I think these will look super cute in the summer with some black shades, my black mom shorts and a summer top! At £8, I had to get them! BARGAIN! 

Adolescent  Slogan Tee 'Girl Gang'
I LOVE a slogan tee, especially all of Adolescent Clothing ones.

Been a daily ASOS browser, I am always checking out their tee's and adding them to my LOVE list. I have so many in there but this tee was my FAV! It looks great with my black skinny jeans and converse when I'm rocking that casual look. I also can't wait to wear it with my white jeans or tucked into denim shorts during the Summer.. I think you should be all very proud of me too, it's pink! I NEVER wear pink, I'm such a black is my happy colour kinda girl. 

Primark Black Backpack 
Lastly, this black backpack, I know black again I'm sorrrrrwiiii but black just goes with everything and I NEEDED a new one. I broke my last backpack at T in the Park last Summer and I was literally devastated. I think backpacks are just so handy around Summer time if you're going for little walkies, picnics and of course festival because you can fit so much in them. I love the silver bucket detail and how many pockets this one has and at £12, who can say no? 

I hope you've liked reading this post. I will be adding a February wishlist to my blog this week so keep a look out, I promise it will have a little more colour in it. 

What have you been buying recently?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

A x


  1. Love these items! You found some great pieces!!😊

  2. Thank you. I definitely found some bargains..especially in primark xx

  3. I've been on the lookout for some great basics pieces recently, it's surprisingly a lot harder than you'd think!

    Love that white shirt you picked out as well, I feel like there are so many different styling possibilities with that one.


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