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Dry Shampoo: Batiste Vs Aussie: Review

Today's blog post is all about dry shampoo, well two in particular 'Aussie' and 'Batiste'. I know these produces have both been out a while now but I thought my readers would find this information variable, especially if you haven't tried 'Aussie' before, like myself. 

Let's start with a little bit of background info about myself. I am that girl that used to wash her hair everyday! I know what your thinking, it's BAD for you! BUT I just loved how fresh it looked and people have always commented on the amazing condition of my hair. So it couldn't of been that bad right? 

How times have changed! In the last few months, adult life has taken over and having them extra 30 minutes in bed is just a DREAM! Also last week I dyed my hair for the first time to get rid of a few grey hairs that keep poking out so I have been on the search, to stock up on some dry shampoo. 

When I think of dry shampoo the first thing I think about is 'Batiste'. I have of course used this brand before when going to festivals or on a nights out to give my hair an extra bit of volume. Batiste are always bringing new packaging and smells out and I've got to admit it literally does what it says on the tin. Instant, Hair, Refresh. A few sprays and tardaaaaaa you feel like a new woman, well after you've brush it all through your hair. I normally apply more around the hair next to my ears and on the top of my hair where it gets the most greasy. I've never had a problem with this product. Have you? This bright and lively floral bottle is one of my current favourites, it smells so nice and the tin design is really getting me excited for Spring/Summer. 

Although I am a massive fan of 'Batiste', I thought I would give 'Aussie' miracle dry shampoo ago as it was on offer in Boots for around the £2.50 mark. I absolutely love their shampoo especially the smell of it. With this in mind, I thought their dry shampoo has got to be a winner to. OH how I was WRONG. I went for the 'Aussome volume' as I always find my hair lacks volume the best of times. I shook the can well before use but it came out as a very sticky water not a powder. It made my hair look like a greasy chip pan and even waste when I began to brush it. The smell was amazing but the product itself was terrible. Of course I had to go to work that day with my hair looking this way as I didn't have enough time to wash it. I really don't know if the product had been on the shelf too long but surely stores should check this before selling right? After telling one of my friends about the product, she also had the same problem. I am rather shocked to say the least and I won't be wasting my money again on this product. 

I will be definitely sticking to 'Batiste' from now on. How cute are the little miniatures you can pick up for around £1.50, just to pop in your handbag incase you need to top up throughout the day. Adorable!  

What's your favourite dry shampoo? I would love to try others but feel a bit let down if there going to be anything like the 'Aussie' one. 

Let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear from you all.

lots of love 

A x



  1. I haven't tried Aussie's dry shampoo (I love their normal shampoo & conditioner though) but I did stray away from Batiste once to try Herbal essences version. I experienced exactly the same results as you did with the Aussie one. It was awful xx

  2. Thanks for reading lovely! I will try stay away from Herbal Essences aswell. xxxx

  3. love this post. I can barely get batisse to work for me (i have to spray like half the can!) so i doubt any others for me would work!

    Laura |

  4. Awwww that's a shame, fingers crossed you will come across one that does work for you in the near future. xxx

  5. I've tried so many Dry Shampoos but I always come back to Batiste. My absolute favourite is the one from Dove, which is a similar formula but has the signature Dove scent which I love. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere recently!
    I've had a similar problem with the Aussie one, it was amazing for the first couple of uses but then no matter how much I shook it up before using it, it would come out more as a liquid and just make everything look worse. I have had exactly the same issues with the Herbal Essences one and the Pantene, so I'd avoid those too if I were you. | Beauty, Lifestyle etc.

  6. I don't think anything is going to beat Batiste by the sounds of it! Thanks for the comment and reading my post lovely xx

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