Friday, August 25

Vinyl Restaurant And Cafe

Vinyl restaurant and cafe has been open just over one month now and is located in Washington Village. Vinyl used to be known as Cellini's and has been taking over by a family (mother and son) and what a transformation they have made. The owners have revamped the building into a retro themed restaurant with crockery made of re-purpose records aswell as LP's used for flooring and decor (even in the toilets). My favourite part of the restaurant is the room upstairs where you can see the original features of the building e.g the wooden beams. Of course the LP's really do give the place that very unique look and there is nothing like Vinyl in Washington Village.

Since Vinyl has opened, I have been a number of times for breakfast, lunch and EVEN a takeout. YES takeout, my boyfriend was very surprised when I suggested getting a takeout from Vinyl as not many people are aware this is available. We ended up ordering a Carnivore and Bolognese pizza with a side of chips. We went to collect the takeout and it was ready within 10 minutes. It was DELICIOUS and a much better opinion than ordering from a local takeaway or even Dominos for SUREEEEEE!! Actually it was definitely the warmest takeaway pizza I've had in a long time and didn't make me feel all greasy (you know the feeling).

Now back to the restaurant, the downstairs part is a very relaxed set up where I enjoy sitting having breakfast. The breakfast menu is very reasonable and everything is under £6.25. My personal favourites are the Fried Hash with Sausage or the Eggs Benedict. The eggs are always cooked to perfection, I'm such an egg lover so I'm very hard to please when it comes to eggs. 

I have sat in the upstairs part of the restaurant for lunch and as mentioned before I adore how the owners have kept the original features of the building, it really given the room some character. Myself and my friends browsed the menu and decided to share the 'Antipasto Board' and 'Garlic Flatbread'. The antipasto board entailed of Italian meats, mozzarella, goats cheese, pickles and toasted breads. We shared this between 5 of us and it was a perfect amount for something light and YUM to get our taste buds going for our mains. 

For main I went for the Margerita pizza with some extra goat cheese...can we take moment for the pizza cutter....HOW COOL! One of my friends went for the Carbonara pasta (see the picture) and if I'm honest, I can't remember and didn't take photos of my other friends food but I do remember that there wasn't even a crumb left on everyone's plate. One of my friends even said "I could eat that all over again!". Can't get any better than that can you? 

The serves at Vinyl has always been very friendly, attentive and helpful. The food is always delicious, the portions size is generous and it is very good value for money. I am yet to try the restaurant on an evening but if the serve during the day is anything to go by, I'm sure it will be just as enjoyable. I think the next time I visit, I will try and order something other than pizza. The PIZZAS are just so dam GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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As I am writing this blog post, Vinyl have just uploaded a picture onto their Facebook of a very famous picture of the Beatles walking on the zebra crossing. The picture has been hand painted on one of their walls in the restaurant and I've got to looks FAB! If these pizza/breakfast pictures don't excite you, maybe the art work or homemade cakes will? 

Vinyl is very close to 'The Green' which I have also reviewed on my blog. Click HERE to read. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading all about Vinyl.

lots of love

A x


Thursday, August 17

Flutter Them Lashes: L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review

With my birthday money I decided to treat myself to some new makeup, I really don't need anymore but when I heard L'Oreal had a new mascara out, I had to add it to my basket! My current favourite mascara is the So Couture Volume Million Lashes by L'Oreal so I had high hopes for their New Paradise Mascara, especially how I had read so many U.S reviews about this bad boyyyyyyyyyyy. Yes, yes they had it before us. Oh and apparently it's like one of the 'Too Faced' mascaras however I've never tried it before. I believe it has pinky package aswell? 

First impression, the packaging is just BEAUTIFUL, I mean who doesn't love a little bit of rose gold in their life? The colour is very eye catching and basically makes you want to buy it even more.

Let's talk about the brush, the brush has a number of bristles which I love! It allows you to get into them inner corners and it means you don't have to apply a number of coats, one can be enough. Want a little more volume (fake lashes) adding another coat would be PERFECT. This mascara stays on all day and leaves no flakiness or panda eyes. Panda eyes is a massive deal to me, as I wear glasses from time to time and their is nothing worse then taking your glasses off through the day to find out you've had panda eyes all day and no one told you about it. 

One Coat - Before and After 

 This mascara makes my eyes feel bigger and my eyelashes look thick, full, flutteryyy and DREAMY! This mascara has really won me over and at £9.99 you literally can't go wrong. At the moment Boots have 3 for 2, why not get 3? I will attach the link HERE. Plus you have to change your mascara every 4/6 months so any excuse to place an online order right?
One Coat - Day Time Shopping

Two Coats - Going Out Look 

Let me know if you buy it or if you're a no.1 fan like me.

Lots of love

A x


Wednesday, August 16


Friendship. I thought I would write a post today about this topic, it's sometimes that is very important to me and because of the events in the last few months it has made me apprentice my friends that little bit more (if that's even possible). 

I know friendships can change overtime, people can fall out, change, are busy, move away, people forget to check in or maybe people just grow apart. I get that..I really do, but I believe that only true friendships stick. 

I am lucky to have friends in my life that are like sisters I've never had and I thought I would tell you some of the reasons why:

Jokes: We have a million inside jokes that only we understand. I'm sure all friendships groups have them right? We also have them jokes about one another that is only acceptable to say in front of the group and literally to no-one OUTSIDE the group. UNCOOL behaviour. Laugh with us, not at us :) 

Busy Bees: We understand that everyone is busy or even on a different time zone. It's okay to text back tomorrow or in two days because life can get hectic sometimes. It doesn't mean we don't love each other any less and plus we have social media to sometimes spread a little heart to know we are still round.  

Group Texts: We have 1000000 group texts. Honestly I wonder why I've got no storage left. Birthday presents, engagements, home birds, gym huns, weekends away, hen do life etc. I literally never have my phone on loud because I'm not sure the person next to me would be able to cope. It might sound like I'm complaining but I honestly love it, there is always something going on with my friends and I wouldn't change it for the world. PLUS I do love to rename different iMessage/ Whats App groups, it brings me much enjoyment. 

Nights Out: No matter how long we haven't been on a night out together, nothing EVER changes. Someone is always late, falls over, hasn't got money for the taxi, we can't decided where to go first, everyone has their own favourite tuneeee and we give each other the eye over the dance floor to sayyyyy 'HUN LETS DO THIS', we know who's on the tequila/ sambuca vibe, TAKEAWAY at the end of the night is a MUST! Cheesy chips and curry sauce? (Maybe just a North East thing) Subway? Greggs? Nights out or nights in actually are the BEST! 

Gifts: No matter what celebration..we never forget. Group gifts are always GIVEN and always so thoughtful. 

Support: No matter what time, date, hour, I know if we've got a sad thought, an issue, a problem, we can count on each other. We know who to go to and what friend is going to give the best advice about the certain issue...Or even better we know when to ask if everything is okay. We know the signs. OR EVEN BETTER BETTER..turn up with treats e.g for me it's got to be onion rings, haribo, mcds or even take me shopping to cheer me up. 

Girly Christmas: We live in different parts of the country but every year without fail, we do Secret Santa (never a secret). We spent time catching up and making the BIGGEST/BESTEST roast EVER! Everyone brings or makes something to add to the table and everyone gets stuck in and ends up either in a food comma or gin comma..or BOTH!! 

Distance: A lot of us don't live in the North East/ Washington but distance isn't an issue. We know everything (well mostly everything) that is going on in each other's life. We all make the biggest effort to stay in touch. Like I said before times can get hectic but if we can stay in touch with a hun that is all the way in Dubai then I know these huns are here to stay. (Now two huns...WAAAHHHHH) 

Boyfriend: My boyfriend is their best friend to <3 

Finally, my friends are the best and I'm sure yours are too! We know each others secrets, flaws, heartbreaks, saddest times, miss yous, special days, family, positives, loves, next moves! I have many others friends, friends that I haven't known since school and they're just as special. Shout out to everyone that has came into my life and stayed :) 

If you haven't spoke to a friend for a while, maybe pick up the phone, send them a text, give them a call or even spread some love on one of many social media platforms that we have today. Sorry for been so deep on this FINEEEEEEEEEEEE Wednesday but sometimes it's just nice to share a little LOVE!

Make friends with those that make it hard to say goodbye. 

Lots of love 
A x

Saturday, August 12

Homeware Haul

moved into my first house with my boyfriend and I am always looking for inspo aswell as different decor to make our house a home! I thought I would share with you a few items I have collected in the last few weeks whilst been on my holidays. I will try and link everything below if I can find it online.

White Pineapple -  £1 - Pound Shop

Mustard Patterned Cushion - £12 - Sainsburys Home

Geometric Rose Gold Prints -  £4.40 - The Range

Door Stop - £4 I think - The Range

Candle Holder -  £4.99 - Aldi 

Glass Milk Bottles  -  £1 - Pound Shop 

White Shelf - £12 - Flying Tiger 

I hope you've liked exploring this post. Let me know what your favourite item is. I will start doing whole room posts when I eventually get each room finished. 

Loves of love

A x
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