Thursday, August 17

Flutter Them Lashes: L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review

With my birthday money I decided to treat myself to some new makeup, I really don't need anymore but when I heard L'Oreal had a new mascara out, I had to add it to my basket! My current favourite mascara is the So Couture Volume Million Lashes by L'Oreal so I had high hopes for their New Paradise Mascara, especially how I had read so many U.S reviews about this bad boyyyyyyyyyyy. Yes, yes they had it before us. Oh and apparently it's like one of the 'Too Faced' mascaras however I've never tried it before. I believe it has pinky package aswell? 

First impression, the packaging is just BEAUTIFUL, I mean who doesn't love a little bit of rose gold in their life? The colour is very eye catching and basically makes you want to buy it even more.

Let's talk about the brush, the brush has a number of bristles which I love! It allows you to get into them inner corners and it means you don't have to apply a number of coats, one can be enough. Want a little more volume (fake lashes) adding another coat would be PERFECT. This mascara stays on all day and leaves no flakiness or panda eyes. Panda eyes is a massive deal to me, as I wear glasses from time to time and their is nothing worse then taking your glasses off through the day to find out you've had panda eyes all day and no one told you about it. 

One Coat - Before and After 

 This mascara makes my eyes feel bigger and my eyelashes look thick, full, flutteryyy and DREAMY! This mascara has really won me over and at £9.99 you literally can't go wrong. At the moment Boots have 3 for 2, why not get 3? I will attach the link HERE. Plus you have to change your mascara every 4/6 months so any excuse to place an online order right?
One Coat - Day Time Shopping

Two Coats - Going Out Look 

Let me know if you buy it or if you're a no.1 fan like me.

Lots of love

A x


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