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The Herb Garden: Foodie Review

I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for a while now as I was recommended by a friend a while back. Today I FINALLY got the opportunity. I have to say I don't normally go out on a Sunday I'm normally tucked in bed watching crap TV or hungover (the best Sundays right?). However, my boyfriend has just moved away to work so on the weekend when he comes home we are making the most of our time together!

This morning when I woke up all I could think about was FOOD and where we could go for breaky/brunch. I had two places in mind 'The Herb Garden' and 'Butterfly Cabinet'.  I thought I would let James decided as I had already been to the 'Butterfly Cabinet' but he hasn't. He went for 'Butterfly Cabinet' soooo off we went, as we drove passed looking for a car park space and there was a MASSIVE queve outside. We decided to go to the 'Herb Garden' instead because we didn't want to wait outside in the cold! To be honest I'm quite glad now as I wouldn't have had this Herb Garden experience and secretly I wanted to go here anyways. WINNER!

Anyways enough of my life story! First of all the location. The Herb Garden restaurant is in centre of Newcastle just along from Central Station about a 2 minute walk, if that. It has a horses head poking out of the entrance so really you can't miss it. If you're wondering why the horse has bandages around its face its because some silly person punch it on 'Derby Day' last weekend and cracked his face..I mean how sad! It seems that 'The Herb Garden' has make light of it anyways which is good! Poor Herbie eh?

Myself and my boyfriend just walked straight into the restaurant and we were greeting by a very friendly man called Lewis who took us to our seats. My first impressions of the restaurant were definitely inviting and welcoming. When sitting down I couldn't help but look at the modern/urban decor! We were sitting under loads of CUTE. Also to the right of us we could see herbs growing.. I mean what a cool eating experience! I loved it so much that I had to take a picture of the view and of course Instagram it!

We were served straight away for drinks and as we were looking through the menu myself and my boyfriend passed comment on the fact we thought it was really well priced. After receiving our drinks (Red Wine and Apple and Raspberry soft drink) we couldn't wait to explore the food menu. There were salads and wraps but we knew it was a pizza we were going to go for as we had heard so many good comments about them. Not only did you have a great number of pizza to choice from you could also select from the special menu. The special menu had a select of pizza with beef, fillet steak etc on.

After alot of debating we finally decided.For starters we went for the trio of dips with peppers, carrots, cucumber and celery. Iv gotta admit we didn't eat the celery but it wasn't because it was disgusting we just both don't like it. The three dips you can see if the picture were hummus, mint and beetrot! The HUMMUS was my FAV <3

Now for the MAIN. I decided to go for no.9 pizza which was the parma ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, onion, bresaola, peppers and basil. For James he had no.10 which was chorizo, mixed peppers,mozzarella and oregano. All pizza are made from scratch so if we wanted to take anything off or add anything extra that would of been fine but we didn't, we just rolled with it. We didn't wait long at all for our food and we were served very professionally by the same man that greeted us at the door. Iv got to admit there was hardly anyone in as it was early afternoon but I'm sure when we return the serve will be just the same. Anyways the PIZZZZZAS were AMAZING! I don't think we really spoke to each other whilst eating them we couldn't get each slice in fast enough. There was also chilli oil on the table so James added a bit of extra SPICY to his pizza and love it.He said it wasn't too spicy just enough! I mean check out the pictures how UNREAL do they look!?! 

So although we both LOVED every bite of our pizza we both decided we wanted to check out the dessert menu so we left a little bit of pizza each and the staff asked if we would like it take it home! Of course we said 'YES' and of course it wasn't just in tin foil it was in their very own pizza box! CLASSY!

YES before you say we went all out. Three courses was a MUST. The staff members advised us to try the 'Creme Bruiee' but we decided to go for the 'Scrumptious Ice Cream' and get every scoop! WHOOPS! I'm just such a sucker for ice-cream especially chocolate! When it arrived I was so excited to tuck in and try the chocolate orange and I was not disappoint, we literally scrapped the jars and it literally was SCRUMPTIOUS! Next time I will definitely try the 'Creme Bruiee' or if you go anytime soon and have a try please let me know what you think. 

So there you have it my 'Herb Garden' experience! In total the meal came to £42.70 which I think is very reasonable for the amount we got, the excellent serve, the taste and of course the venue. I will definitely be visiting this pizza restaurant again and if you're visit and just looking for somewhere different to go I would definitely recommend this place if you're a pizza LOVERRRRRR like me and James. 

Wheres your favourite restaurant in Newcastle?

Have you been to 'Herb Gardens' before? 

Whats your favourite on the menu?

Let me know by commenting below

Lots of love

A x


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