Monday, November 9

Weekend Away

I have literally just had the BEST weekend celebrating one of my best friends 26th birthday! eeeeeeek so scary Lucy is the first to turn 26 out of the girlies..we are getting SO OLD. If only we could of stayed 18 forever eh? Anyways my friend Lucy now lives in Milton Keynes, she moved with her boyfriend to pursure their careers and have recently bought there very first house together! EXCITING stuff! It was my first time visit her new house so I was extra excited for this weekend.

We arrived at Milton Keynes quite late on the Friday night so we just stayed in, eating, drinking vino and catching up.  Lucy boyfriend Tom made us some chilli nachos and nibbles Iv gotta say they were YUM! 

The Saturday we had a bit of a lie in (well some of us) and then we decided to go shopping for cocktail ingredients and of course lunch. oh and before all of this I had to try my 'tough stuff' Cocoa Brown scrub in prep for tanning later on in the day. The results were just AMAZING. Down to the colour, the smell and of course how well my old tan came off my body. Honestly, Iv always struggled to get my tan off so I'm so glad I have found this product. (I will be writing a full review on this soon so keep a look out)

We went to Las Iguanas for lunch as Lucy had received a birthday email about getting her main meal free and of course we couldn't miss out on Happy Hour cocktails 2 for 1. We got nachos (again I know) and patatas bravas with smoky chipotle sauce & creamy aiol for starter. For main I got a coconut curry dish and some of the girls when for enchiladas and skewers ! JUST YUM. Again we had a nice little catch up and tried to make some up coming plans for the Christmas period when we will all be together together. If its your birthday soon and are wanting to go to Las Iguanas remember to sign up for your free birthday meal! 

After filling our stomachs and collecting all our cocktail ingredients it was time to head home and get ready. 5 girls getting ready at can only imagine the chaos. I think Lucys boyfriend hated us for taking over their bedroom, you literally couldn't see the floor for all the clothes, makeup, tan etc (Sorry Tom). Before putting my makeup on of course I had to try out my new Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR tan. I wanted to have a really natural look so didn't leave it on overnight or any longer than 1 hour before I washed it off. The results were just BEYOND AMAZING! I know the picture below isn't great but I forgot to take a before picture in the day light (whoops) I'm going to do an officially Cocoa Brown review soon though so I will get a better picture I promise. 

Now for my outfit. If you have been keeping up to date with my blog you will know I placed my first order with Commoda Clothing and I bought the 'Mita Dress' and the 'Lorna Dress'. I wore the Mita Dress to an engagement party and I was still dying to find the perfect occasion to wear the 'Lorna Dress'. The 'Lorna Dress' is suede material and a lovely Khaki colour so very on trend this AW. I wore it on Saturday and I loved it! I termed it up with a black clutch from h&m and my caged Zara black heels. I felt as though the dress was a little big at the sides but I think if I went any small it would of been shorter and a little tight around the stomach area. The dress was so comfort and the girls all commented on how much they liked it! For £24 I was really happy with the dress and how it looked. 

Sorry I didn't manage to get a good picture of the back detail. You can see it a little bit in this photo as we were just about to toast Lucy's Birthday! It is a very simple tie at the back and you can decided how tight or loose you would like it. I can't wait to wear this dress again maybe with my leather jacket, tights and a pair of winter boots!

We had a great time making cocktails and socialising with Lucy friends from Milton Keynes before heading to Pink Punter to dance the night away (literally) oh and play pool! Yes a pool table in a club and I have to admit my friend Sarah and myself were terrible. Lets just say it was the amount of alcohol we had! Any excuse eh? My favourite cocktail we made has got to be 'That is it' which included:

Cracker ice
2 measures gin
1 measure tripe sec
2 measure lemon juice
1 egg white. 

The morning after the night before. I am one of the them girls who always get the worst hangovers ever but it was Lucy actually birthday on the Sunday and we were going to Dinner so I knew I had to just MAN UP. It was a struggle at first but after demolishing this roast beef dinner at The Navigation Inn I felt great. I don't have a picture of the scotch egg and starters we ate but I have to admit the scotch egg was out of this world! The place itself was so cosy too and looks onto the cute. If you're in Milton Keynes or visiting anyone around this area definitely pop in to have a look for yourself. 

Overall, the weekend was so much fun and I cant wait to visit Lucy and Tom again soon!! It was lovely to spend time with the girls and have a good catch up, just a pity not everyone could make it. Thanks again guys for putting up with us and Happy 26th Birthday Lucy! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend in Milton Keynes. 

What do you think of the Commoda Clothing Suede Dress?

What your favourite cocktail?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love

A x


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