Wednesday, November 4

Colour Carnival by Seventeen

When strolling around the Gateshead Metrocentre looking for my dads birthday present last week which can I add is always a struggle, I found myself taking a little peek into Boots and looking at the beauty counters. I know, a little naughty as I'm not suppose to be spending money on myself, but does anyone else find buying for men just the hardest thing EVER? HUMPH! Anyways..Boots got me a little excited for CHRISTMAS..actually the whole Metrocentre did. Everywhere I looked was sparkles, red, silver, gold eeeeeeek! AND of course Boots have the gifts set out in force and I just wanted to buy everything... I could have been in there for hours. I decided to be good though and only bought 4 things. 

If you have read my blog recently you will know I have posted a 'Beauty Wanted' which had the real techniques 'complexion sponge' on there so I decided to purchase one of them to give it a go. I will try the sponge out soon and hopefully write a little review on it so keep an eye out.
So my next purchases..technically its only one purchase as they're are the same item just different colours. Look at me trying to make myself feel better about spending money on myself. I bought three Colour Carnival nail varnishes by Seventeen. Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on so I just couldn't resist. Picking only 3 however was a struggle there was was so many lovely colours to choose from. 

After browsing this stand for around 10 minutes I eventually chose some Autumn/ Winter colours. I went for two gloss colours called 'light grey' and 'coffee nude' and a shimmer colour called 'deep purple'. I thought the gloss colours would go amazing with my AW15/16 wardrobe and the shimmer for them upcoming Christmas events. 
The reason behind stocking up on new nail varnishes is the fact that my nails aren't in the best condition at the moment as I was addict to wear acrylic nails. I can honestly say they're ruined to the point where they're even sore when I touch anything. Humph! Don't get me wrong I love having acrylic nails on, they always look amazing but it’s time to give me nails a rest. So because I'm trying to keep away from the nail salon and focus on getting my nails feeling and looking normal again I’ve been buy new nail varnish to make myself feel better. 

When putting on any nail varnish I make sure I put a base coat on first. At the minute I am using Rimmel London Nail Nurse Stronger Nail  because like I said I'm trying to get my nails back into a good condition. This nail varnish is £4.49 from Boots but it’s doing my nail wonders so I can't complain about the price. Boots at the minute also have it on 3 for 2 so BONUS.

Light Grey
I'm loving this grey colour for A/W I just think it’s a colour that you can term up with every outfit. In terms of application, the brush is big and covered alot of the nail so you don't need to keep dipping your brush. I applied two coats for a perfect finish and it dried super fast. Although it is a gloss nail varnish I felt as though it was more of a matte finish but I'm not complaining I LOVE IT.

Coffee Nude 
Again this colour is one of them colours that would go with most outfits and also excellent for people that love wearing nail varnish for work but are looking for something more natural. The 'coffe nude' is indeed more of a gloss finish than the 'light grey' colour as you can see if the picture. The application is the as same in terms of the brush however I went for three coats this time just to give it a darker 'coffee' look. Depending on how you were wanted to colour to look I'm sure two would be fine

Deep Purple 
And 'deep purple' indeed is it and I ENJOY! I am a sucker for black so this colour is right up my street and that hint of gold just gets me sooooooo excited for the Christmas season!! eeeeek! Only 50 days to goooooo! I don't think the picture gives the gold hint justice but its perfect in person. Again it is the same brush and this time I only had to apply one coat as the covered was AMAZING and dried super fast.

If you’re wondering how long the colour stays on for I would have to say 3 - 4 days for the 'grey and nude' colour. The 'deep purple' lasts a little long I would say up to 5 days. Make sure you apply a base coat first though. 
Overall, I am extreme pleased with the Colour Carnival Collection by Seventeen, 3 for £3.98 works out not even £1.40 each which I think is reasonable. I will be definitely buying some more colours soon or adding them to my Christmas list. 

Whats your favourite nail varnish brand?

Were you once an acyrlic addict like me?

Let me know by commenting below. 
Oh and remember to keep watch out for them 3 to 2 deals at Boots. 

Lots of love

A x

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