Saturday, October 17

Beauty/ Wanted

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette.
2. JML Ped Egg.
3. Sleek Brow Kit. 
4. Mac Twig Lipstick.
5.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
6. Chanel Long- Wear Flawless Fluid Foundation.
7. Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer.

Hey again, I know you might be thinking OMG another post this week but I am still on the search for my dream job so I have so much time on my hands at the minute. If you have been reading my blog this week you will know I shared my 'October Fashion Wishlist' so I thought I why not do a Beauty Most Wanted too. There are so many more products I want to try but I didn't want my pic collage to look too crowded so I just selected some products I REALLY REALLY want. As I am new to blogging I'm trying to use different apps and websites to made the best collages and looks. If I'm honest,  I'm quite proud of this one. I used my Iphone and first of all used 'Layout' to position my pictures in the correct places then used 'InstaSize' to include the text. InstaSize is a really good app to use for adding text to a picture as it has lots of different fonts to choose from. Another bonus both app are FREE. 

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have LOVED the Naked Eyeshadow Palettes since FOREVER and I always get jealous of my friends who have them. My friend has just bought no.3 and the packaging is even amazing aswell as the colours.  The thing that has put me off buying one of these products for so long is I just can NOT do a good smokey eye actually any sort of eyeshadow look for that matter. I really want to learn how to though and with all the tutorials out there I'm sure with a little bit of practice I could do it. I think my mam and friends are sick of me asking them to do my eyes before a night out..whoops! So I think I might have to treat myself sometime soon. I have £10 on my Debehams beauty card so it would make it £28 instead of £38. BARGAIN. 
2. JML Ped Egg
I just generally need one of JML Ped Eggs in my life, I always have really dry feet and my boyfriend just thinks I'm disgusting :( Wahhhhh! I have a Pumice stone in my bathroom and I use it every now and again but after reading a few reviews on the Peg Eggs I feel it may work alot better. You can get them in loads of different colours to aswell as a Electric roller that sounds effortless. 

3. Sleek Brow Kit. 
Sleek is a product I have never used but I keep seen more and more often on peoples blogs, on Instagram and some of the friends use the contouring palette.  oh and I noticed inthestlye  are even starting to sell it, so I mean it must be good right? I just NEED to try the Brow Kit as I use the Benefit one which is £24.50 and it seems very similar. At £8.49 it could be a massive money saver! More money to spend on beauty/fashion items is always a winner!

4. Mac Twig Lipstick.
If you have read my recent 'Mac Blankety Lipstick Review' you will have noticed by my pictures and comment that I love Mac lipsticks and oh EVERYTHING Mac. Adding one more to the collection won't hurt will it. Twig is a pinky - brown tone and I think it would be one of them lipstick I could wear everyday with any outfit. 

5.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
I literally have every real technique makeup brush but I have never got round to trying the sponge, the next time I am in Boots I will be picking one up for sure. So many bloggers talk about how amazing it is to apply your foundation as it doesn't leave any unwanted brush marks just a smooth flawless look. SOLD! 

6. Chanel Long- Wear Flawless Fluid Foundation.
I have wanted to try this foundation for so long but I can never bring myself to spend so much on foundation. At the minute I wear Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation and I just love the coverage it gives but just fancy trying something new. Next time I'm shopping I think I'm going to have to ask for a tester for sure.  

7. Palmers Gradual Tanning Moisturizer.
My boyfriend mam has been using this product for a while and Iv been meaning to get some for myself as her skin looks a great colour when its applied. With my summer tan officially gone I think its about time I got myself to Boots and finally purchases this product and see what its like for myself. Fingers crossed my skin looks as good as hers. 

What's on your most wanted beauty products?

Have you used any of these beauty products?

I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love


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