Sunday, January 31

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Heyyyyyy! I hope you're all having a lush weekend. I don't know about you but I just can't cope with this cold weather. Is it Summer yet? I keep browsing fashion websites and I can't help but LOVE all the spring/summer items coming out! 

Talking about summer you know what they say 'Summer bodies are made in Winter'. With this in mind, I thought I would tell you a few things that have helped me get motivated and certain things I have been doing since the start of January to keep fit and healthy. I know, i'm not an expert but these are things that have worked for me so might work for you too.

1. New gym gear - Having new gym gear definitely gives my that motivation to go! I love wearing 'Nike' I know it can be a little pricey at times but it's always so comfortable and great quality. If you have a Nike outlet anywhere near you, get yourself there. I bought some Nike Free Runs for around £36 and they're still in other shops for £90. I know BARGAIN right!!

I also got a few new pieces for Christmas which were from Sainsburys and they're lovely so do shop around. I know, how annoying it can be spending money on gym gear you're just going to sweat in but at least you going to look a little good/stylish. 


2.  Gym buddy - I find it much easier to go to the gym when I have a friend. If my friends go without me, it always makes me feel bad. We have a little group message actually named 'Gym Huns' and someone is always wanting to go. If you don't have friends going to the same gym as you, make friends. I find everyone at the gym so friendly and helpful, especially if you don't know what your doing or need help to set up. The more often you go, you will begin to recognise the same faces and more than likely, if you stop attending people will start saying "where were you last week?" GUILTY! Honestly, just bite the budget and get yourself there. 

3. Plan Your Week - I am lucky to go to a gym that has an app, so I can plan my week by logging into my account and booking into certain classes. I enjoy going to classes much more than going into the gym itself and running on the treadmill etc. I am so into boxercise at the minute but I also go to circuits, bodypump, yoga and I went to my first spinning class last week. All I can say was an experience and my bum was SOOOOO SORE! Nevertheless, I felt so good after it and I've booked in for this week too. So if you're looking to join a gym very soon, maybe ask if they have an app as they're so easy to use and keep you organised for the week ahead. 

4. Pick Your Music - I don't know about you but if I go into the actual gym I have to listen to music, especially running on the treadmill. Picking the correct tunes always works for me. I have listed 10 of my favourite work out tunes, that may help you run that little bit faster or make that time in the gym go a little fast. Let's be honest, we all want the time to go as fast as possible. 

5. Healthy Eating - If you follow me on Instagram 'annalouiseloves' you will know I have bought Joe Wicks leanin15 book as I have been posting meals I have been making for the past few weeks. Before buying his book I had been following 'thebodycoach' on Instagram and loved the look of all his meals and how easy and straight forward his recipes were. 

I don't know about you but I just don't enjoy diets which entail of counting syns or calories. I think it's so time consuming and getting on them scales is a massive fear of mine. I don't find making a meal from this book a diet as such it's more like a lifestyle change and been aware of which foods are good for you. My favourite meal so far has got to be the 'Big Juicy Meatballs'. Delicious! This week I have definitely got my eye on the Thai green curry and I will keep you updated on what it's like through Instagram 'annalouiseloves' . The book is only around £7.50 on amazon at the moment guys, so do go buy it. Honestly, the recipes are so easy to follow and there is a wide variety..oh and they don't take long at all. Since buying this book, I have so many friends and family members getting involved too as they can't get over how nice they look. I have never felt bloated or hungry after each meal and I actually look forward to my meal every night instead of just eating chicken and vegetables (a diet a started in the Summer). I have took some before pictures of my body so I can track my progress whilst starting eating leanin15 meals, if I feel confident enough I may share them with you in the near future.

5. Love Yourself - I seen this on one of my friend's Instagram and I literally couldn't agree more with it. Everyone is different and I'm more than positive you will not come across someone with the same legs, arms, belly etc as you so STOP comparing yourself to others. Love yourself, love your body and no-one else's. MWAH!

6. Just do it - I know, it's easier said than done but I always feel great after going to the gym especially after work because it's time to have a little wine down and forget about all them work worries. Just try and remember that Summer will be coming along before you know it and we all want to look fabulous right?

What has helped you getting back into exercise?

What's your favourite gym class or Leanin15 meal?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x



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