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Obsessed, Impressed And Nonplussed Beauty Products

After reading this month Cosmopolitan, I was loving Ingebord Van Lotringen beauty page "Inge Has Issues'. In fact, it give me the inspiration to write this blog post about beauty products that I am obsessed, impressed and nonplussed with lately. To be honest I could of chose a number of products but I wilted it down to only 6 products so here goes....

I am beyond obsessed with Topshop Glow Highlighter and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. Topshop Glow Highlighter comes in a small screw top jar with the classic Topshop package (little stars) around the edge. Although the size of the produce seems quite small, one jar will last around a year. You only need the smallest amount when applying as it goes a long way. I've found applying it with my finger tip is much better than using a brush as it soaks into the skin much better than when using a brush. I not only apply it to my cheeky bones but underneath my eyebrows to make them stand out a little more. I LOVE IT! Everyone needs a little glow jar in their makeup bag to bright up their face and for only £9, it's a dreamy highlighter. 

I have worn MAC Foundation Studio Fix NW20 for as long as I can remember and I can't really fault the coverage it gives me in terms of covering my acne scars. However, using it everyday isn't great for my bank balance or my skin for an everyday makeup look. After searching and reading a few reviews on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation I had to try it for myself, especially prices at £9.99. I took my NW20 to the shop with me so I could try and get a similar shade, if not a little bit lighter. I ended up going for no.53 'Light Beige' and it's perfect for my skin tone. I have been using this product everyday since adding it to my makeup collection....I'm literally obsessed! It makes my skin look flawless and it doesn't feel as heavy as Studio Fix Foundation. The only thing I would say is, it sometimes comes off my nose a little bit but nothing a bit of powder doesn't sort out. If you're wanting to try this product yourself, I'm sure you will find a shade for you as it comes in 8 different ones. I have just been stocking up on this product as Superdrug has their 3 for 2 offer on. Three foundations for £19.98..BARGAIN! Click HERE to view. 

Lets talk about two products I am impressed with! Well I have been impressed with Jolen Creme Bleach for years now, but I thought I would let my blog readers know about this products because I've just recently purchased some more. I have had dark hairs on my under lip for a good 9 years now and I have always been scared to get it waxed, just incase it came in thicker and darker. With this in mind, I have always used the Jolen Creme Bleach every 2 weeks to get rid of any dark hairs and it literally works wonders. I leave it on for about 10- 15 minutes and my upper lip hairs go blonde and really soft. I honestly couldn't live without this product in my life! If you have the same problem as me and you're a little bit self conscience about your dark hairs, this is the product for you. You can get Jolen Creme Bleach from a number of stores, I recently bought some from Superdrug for £4.19, which I don't think is badly priced as it lasts me for about a year.  

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, one word AMAZING! This product has been out a while and alot of you might be thinking cleansing water, why would you pay for water? But I am a girl who wears makeup everyday and loves to apply alot of mascara but absolutely hate waking up with black panda eyes. This water is non-drying, non- irritating and doesn't cause any breakouts to my skin, it just leaves my skin feel cool and refreshing and of course makeup FREE! Do shop around for this product as beauty stores always have it on offer. I have just picked up a 400ml bottle from Superdrug for £3.39. I literally couldn't fault this product or the price. 

The beauty products I am nonplussed with are NIVEA shaving balm and La Girl Pro Prep. The NIVEA shaving balm has been everywhere lately and everyone has been loving it in terms of a makeup primer. Don't get me wrong, the NIVEA shaving balm feels great on the skin as it gives you a really refreshing feel but I have not found this product in terms of a primer...any good. Aswell as the Nivea shaving balm, the La Girl pro prep again didn't seem to keep my makeup on any longer than normal. I had high hopes for this La Girl product because I LOVE their concealer...HUMPH! Lets just say I'm not having a good experience with primers at the moment so if anyone has came across a good one lately, do let me know! 

What products are you obsessed, impressed and nonplussed with?
I would love to hear from you.
Lots of love
A x



  1. Hey Anna!

    Loved this post, it's always interesting to read what products bloggers like/don't like!! This is the second post I've come across that don't like that Nivea shaving balm! So refreshing to read this b/c everywhere else says it's amazing!! lol =P

    Great to read about the one's your loving as well I find it interesting! =)

    Loving your blog!

    1. Hey Sarah,
      Thanks for reading and leaving lovely comments.
      I know I was so disappointed with the NIVEA products after hearing so much about it..xx

  2. primer can be so difficult! my one is one I brought in a sale in a french shop and it's amazing but if I run out before I go on holiday again I'm screwed!!!


    1. Yeah totally agree it's so hard to find a good one! Fingers crossed you don't run out! Thanks for reading hun


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