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LVL Enhance Treatment at Enbeaute: Review

Do you have eyelashes that are long but won’t curly? Or lashes that lack length and volume?  If so, keep reading you are going to LOVE this post!

My last beauty post explained how I am now part of the Nouveau Lashes #lashgang, as part of this amazing gang I was lucky enough to have their LVL Enhance treatment done this week. 

Many of you may be thinking what’s LVL? Well, LVL is a treatment that adds Length, Volume and Lifts your natural lashes without adding extensions, falsies or mascara. The treatment takes 45 minutes and the lasts up to 6 – 8 weeks. Sounds amazing right but HOW DOES IT WORK?

48 hours before having the treatment done I had to go for a patch test to make sure that all of the products used throughout   the treatment wouldn't cause any reaction to my skin/eyes. 

The treatment began by the therapist cleaning my lashes making sure I had no makeup/mascara still left on them.

Gel pads were then applied over my bottom lashes to make sure they were protected from the products (don’t want your bottom lashes to curly up).

My top lashes were then gently pulled back onto a shield. These shields come in three options: dramatic (small), average (medium) and least dramatic (large). I went for the medium shield as I have quite long lashes already so didn't want anything too dramatic. After gently pulled my lashes up onto the shield, lifting balm was added and left for around 12 minutes.

After removing the lifting balm, volumising fix was then put on the lashes for 6 minutes and then tint was applied to darken my lashes.

Lastly my lashes are moisture with conditioning serum in order to help the lashes come off the shield and TAAAAAARRRDAAAAAAAAAAAA! There you have it..LVL Lashes! No glue, no hassle, and no extensions just my own natural lashes looking BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.

Alex at Enbeaute did advise me to wait 24- 48 hours before applying any water to my lashes to get the best results. Additionally to apply conditioning serum before bed and before applying mascara to keep them looking shiny and healthy. Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum can be brought for £14.99 from Nouveau Lashes website. Click HERE to view. 

Since having the LVL Enhance treatment I have been able to go out with no mascara on at all. I really can't get over the results, LVL is officially life changing. I have applied a little mascara to my lashes to also see the results and let’s just say I'm even more obsessed..if that's even possible.

Enbeaute charges £45.00 for this treatment but I know this treatment ranges from £45.00 - £95.00 depends where you go. I honestly couldn't recommend this treatment enough, it lasts between 6 - 8 weeks depending on your lash cycle and the treatment is so straight forward. It's definitely going to be saving me time during my daily makeup routine aswell as my daily mascara usage.

 Happy Anniversary Nouveau Lashes! 
LVL Enhance has been taking the beauty industry by storm for 10 years now and I 100% understand why since having the treatment! 

To celebrate 10 years of LVL since its debut, Nouveau Lashes are running a number of offers and competitions over the next 10 months to celebrate the anniversary of the number 1 original lash lift treatment.

Add them on social media channels to keep an eye out! Instagram and Twitter.  

What do you think of my LVL enhance treatment results?

Let me know by commenting below.

Lots of love

A x


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