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Sohe Jesmond: Asian Fusion

If you're following me on Instagram or regularly read my blog you'll know how often my boyfriend James and I go out for food or just how much I LOVE food in general. Seriously need to stop, this Summer body isn't going too well...HUMPH!

Last week we were invited along to Sohe Jesmond (Asian fusion restaurant) to try out their food and cocktails. You can only imagine how much we were looking forward to it, especially after getting right into the Asian food at Thaikhun a few weeks ago. We visited Sohe last Friday when the rain was coming from the heavens so I do apologise for my rubbish picture from outside.   

When walking into the restaurant you are taking in by the huge bar area and the restaurant design itself. It is very chic and stylish and the masonic bar is beyond beautiful. There is a great bar area with a few booths and snug areas to have a drink or two before your meal or even enjoy a few drinks and a catch up with someone special. As the restaurant wasn't too busy (think everyone will have been snug in their pjs watching the television, the rain was that bad) we decided to sit down straight away. I have to admit, we were seated in a great location overlooking the whole restaurant including the bar and kitchen.  

After much debating of the food menu and asking the waitress advice (Jasmine) James went for the Haskushu and Miso Black Cod. Apparently, it is their signature dish so he couldn't resist. James opted for the starter but you can also get this dish as a main course and lets just say James didn't even offer me any, it was that good. This starter is one of the most expensive starter on the menu at £13.50 but don't be put off by the price because James said it's well worth it! 

I opted for the Crispy Duck Pancakes which was served with the standard leeks, cucumber, baby gem and hoi sin sauce. The was duck was seasoned with Chinese 5 spices and dammmmmmmm it was good. There was so much on the plate I had to ask James to help me finish it, as I didn't want to spoil my main course. The Crisp Duck Pancakes would be an excellent sharing starter, especially as it only priced at £7.50.

For mains we both went for a Thai curry. James opted for the Kaeng Kari which entailed of Japanese Panko breaded pork, king prawns, broccoli and green beans and I went for the Phanaeng. Phaneang curry entailed of slow braised lamb shank with sweet potato, red peppers, spinach leaves and peanuts. Both dishes were served with Thai fragrant rice but you could upgrade to egg fried rice or coconut rice for an extra £1. Although James enjoyed his curry he was totally jealous of mine, it was literally mouthwasting. The lamb shank was cooked to perfection, the meat fall off the bone and the curry sauce was extremely DELICIOUS! 

If you like Asian food and looking for somewhere for date night or a special occasion, you will ADORE this place. The food is delicious, the cocktails are adventurous and the service is outstanding. Oh, and the atmosphere is very laid back with their funky choice of music. Jasmine who was our waitress for the evening was extreme friendly, polite aswell as very knowledgeable about the food menu. A knowledgeable staff member is always great when you're unsure what to go for when visit a restaurant for the first time. 

Overall, we had a lovely evening at Sohe Jesmond and we can't wait to visit again soon. I will be mostly definitely be bringing the girls for cocktails sometime soon to enjoy some more of their refreshing cocktails after trying to 'Happy Panda' and 'Cambodian Cooler'. 

To check out their food menu click HERE and for their drinks and cocktail menu click HERE

Hope you have enjoyed reading another foodie blog post of mine and let me know if you decided to venture out to Sohe Jesmond, I would love to hear from you.

lots of love

A x 



  1. Wow, the food looks so delicious! x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

    1. The lamb shank curry was honestly to die for! Thanks for reading hun x

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