Friday, August 12

Aldi's Rose Gold Homeware Range

Yes you heard that right Aldi's Rose Gold Homeware Range! Oh and gets better it's all less than £5 (SHOCK FACE EMOJI) I know,I know I couldn't believe it either. 

So Aldi, the shop you have a love/hate relationship with, the food is cheap and great quality but the whole packing your bags at the end ordeal, after you've already take them out of your trolley, still baffles me. 

Anyways enough of that, let’s talk HOMEWARE! I don't know if I've told you but I'm currently in the process of buying a house with my boyfriend and we are SUPER excited!!! We should hopefully get the keys at the end of this month..fingers crossed. 

As you can imagine I have been all over Pinterest/Instagram looking at different ideas and inspos and trying to plan in my head what each room is going to look like. HOWEVER, I can't bring myself to buy too many homeware items because WHAT IF I CHANGE MY MIND, WHAT IF IT DOESN'T many WHAT IF'S! I am a kind of person that would buy something and I've looked at it for too long, I would end up hating it…Whoops! Nevertheless, I know for sure I want my study/dressing room all white with rose gold accessorise so this is where my Aldi bargain buys have came in perfectly.  

I know this isn’t a normal post on my blog but I thought my readers would like something a little different and if you like homeware posts/bargains let me know and I will do some more.  I hope this gives you a little inspiration  if they’re maybe moving into a new home soon or wanting to give a room an extra bit of sparkle.

Mental Lantern - £4.99

Wax Candle - £2.99 each 

Glass Tealight Holder - £2.99

Candle - £2.99

Geometric Tealight Holder - £2.99

Aldi have just got all of these items into store on Thursday 11th of August so if anything has caught your eye, do hurry because I'm sure everything will be fly off the shelves as everything is already SOLD OUT online. 

I literally can't wait to find a home for each item and as you can see I have already place my new spectrum makeup brushes in the glass tealight holder and I think they will look perfect on my dressing table! 

I hope you've liked this post.

lots of love

A x


  1. Love the geometric tea light holder!
    Summer xx

  2. I love rose gold, especially as decoration, its such a classy yet beautiful shade x

  3. Replies
    1. Snap! Had to get two..couldn't bear the thought of it burning out haha. X


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